Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit

October 1, 2020

Join us October 1st at the Operationalizing Cloud Native with Kubernetes Virtual Summit. This summit is a FREE, full day, multi-track conference, complete with a state-of-the-art virtual environment. You’ll hear from industry thought leaders, practitioners, engineers, and analysts in a variety of formats through keynotes, panels, interactive sessions and hands-on workshops.

You’ll find Sysdig conducting a keynote and talks, on the main show floor and in the AWS Pavilion.

Registration is FREE

Operationalizing K8s Virtual Summit

Speaking Sessions

9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern

Live Hacking! Practical security examples for AWS EKS/Fargate using Falco

Join Kubernetes expert and co-author of Cloud Native Infrastructure Kris NΓ³va for a live and interactive keynote where she will be talking about the nuances of running an EKS cluster on Fargate. She will explore how Falco is able to securely tap into the underlying infrastructure using kernel tracing components built around eBPF and ptrace(2) (CAP_SYS_PTRACE). She draws on her deep history of managing Kubernetes clusters, and discusses key aspects of the system to keep in mind while building out a cloud native application in AWS.

Following the keynote, be sure to join Nova’s Live Hacking session in the Sysdig booth.

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Kris Nova
Chief Open Source Advocate, Sysdig

10:45am Pacific / 1:45pm Eastern

Securing Containers across EKS, ECS and Fargate Environments

Your DevOps teams need to embed security as they ramp containers and Kubernetes in production. As cloud providers release new services constantly, you not only need visibility inside containers, but also the cloud infrastructure, applications and services used by your teams. With a secure DevOps workflow, your team can spend more time developing apps and less time reacting to issues.

Running secure containers requires that security and DevOps work better together. Join us to understand how to:

  • Automate scanning including for Fargate workloads within CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, Gitlab) and registries (ECR, GCR)
  • Detect runtime threats with open-source tools like Falco and continuously monitor your cloud using AWS CloudTrail
  • Conduct incident response and forensics, even after the container is gone
  • Continuously validate compliance against PCI, NIST, CIS. etc.
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Pawan Shankar
Director of Product Marketing

Live Demo Hours

Want to dive deeper? Join one of our group demos for a live demonstration of how Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform works.

11:00 am - 11:30am


3:00pm - 3:30pm


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