2019 Container Usage Report

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In the 2019 Container Usage Report You Will Learn:

Things are evolving quickly in the world of containerization technology. It’s well known that cloud-native containers are ephemeral. What’s surprising is that over half of containers are alive for less than five minutes.

As a result, organizations have recognized that container security tools and processes have to be different. Cloud teams are integrating specific security and compliance checks into their DevOps processes to better understand and manage risk.

It’s becoming ever more important to understand cloud-native container usage patterns and best practices for teams that are embarking on their digital transformation journey.

To help cloud teams gain insight into emerging trends, our data team compiled details from across our user base and their millions of containers running live in development and production environments.

In the 2019 container usage report, you’ll find key insights like:

  • How and why container lifespan is shrinking
  • What tools are taking the lead in cloud-native stacks
  • Top security and compliance policy violations

Download the report now to read more about how containers are being deployed in the real world.

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