IDC Definitive Guide to Evaluating Containers and Kubernetes Security Tools

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In IDC’s Definitive Guide for Evaluating Container and Kubernetes Security Tools You Will Learn:

Containers are rapidly becoming the foundation for next-generation infrastructure and applications. Enterprises use Kubernetes (K8s), the de facto industry standard for container orchestration, to more rapidly
deploy container-based software in order to support their digital transformation initiatives.

However, containers and Kubernetes do not cause disruption just because they are new technologies. Kubernetes and containers are disruptive because they are often tied to culture, process, and organizational change.
Operations and development teams are learning to work more closely with DevOps, and applications are architected with microservices for greater efficiency, scalability, and economies of parallel development.

Download the guide written by Gary Chen, Research Director, Software Defined Compute, and Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products to learn more about important factors to consider when evaluating container and Kubernetes security tools. 

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