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Ship cloud apps faster by embedding security, compliance, and performance into your DevOps workflow

Running containers and Kubernetes in production requires security and visibility that integrate into existing workflows. With Sysdig, you can scan for vulnerabilities and see inside containers to alert on anomalous behavior and application health issues. Resolve issues quickly by analyzing granular data from any perspective based on cloud and Kubernetes metadata. The Sysdig platform is built on open source tools your team wants to use with the scale, performance, and ease of use that enterprises demand.

Embed Security & Validate Compliance

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Five Essential Workflows for Secure Devops

Sysdig Five Essential Workflows for Secure Devops

Critical ecosystem component

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform provides cloud-native security and monitoring, delivering visibility and control for operating containers and Kubernetes. Open by design, it supports and adds value to a wide range of leading tools, solutions, and cloud services from multiple providers.



CI/CD Tools

Sysdig Secure image scanning integrates directly into your CI/CD pipeline and prevents images with vulnerabilities or misconfigurations from being shipped.


Sysdig Secure container image scanning supports all Docker v2 compatible registries. It ensures an up to date risk posture and identifies images that need to be rebuilt if new vulnerabilities are introduced.


Security Policies


Sysdig provides runtime security, infrastructure and application monitoring to help you ship cloud applications faster to production.


Sysdig secures and monitors containers on multiple cloud platforms.

Sysdig ServiceVision enriches container data with the metadata from the cloud providers.


Sysdig supports any orchestrator, multiple Kubernetes distributions, as well as managed platforms.

Sysdig ServiceVision enriches container data with the metadata from Kubernetes/orchestrators. Sysdig uses the native facilities of Kubernetes for policy enforcement and threat prevention.


Sysdig ContainerVision provides deep visibility into all container activity via a lightweight instrumentation model that collects low level system call data.




Configure flexible alerts on image scanning failures, runtime anomalous activity, troubleshooting issues etc through channels you already use (e.g., Slack, PagerDuty, SNS, etc.).

SIEM and SOAR Integrations

Sysdig automatically forwards events to your SIEM tool giving SOC analysts deep visibility into container and Kubernetes incidents. It also integrates with SOAR platforms (Demisto, Phantom) as part of automated security playbooks.



Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform

Confidently run cloud-native workloads in production using the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. With Sysdig, you can embed security, validate compliance and maximize performance and availability. The Sysdig platform is open by design, with the scale, performance and usability enterprises demand.

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Legacy tools don’t work for containers and Kubernetes

Existing tools operate in silos, and simply don’t provide adequate security and visibility. Purpose-built tools see inside containers and use Kubernetes-native controls, allowing you to confidently run containers and Kubernetes in production.

Embed security and validate compliance with Sysdig Secure

Scan images for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations directly within CI/CD pipelines and registries. Block threats without impacting performance by using Falco, the open-source cloud native runtime security project. Conduct forensics after the container is gone. Continuously validate compliance against PCI, NIST, CIS, and more.

Maximize availability and performance with Sysdig Monitor

Prevent issues by monitoring performance and health with full stack visibility into infrastructure, services, and applications. Scale Prometheus-compatible monitoring across clusters and clouds. Accelerate troubleshooting with a single source of truth based on granular Linux syscall data.

Get results quickly

Get productive in minutes with guided onboarding and automatic integrations into your DevOps tool chain. Easily meet security, availability, and compliance requirements with curated workflows. Leverage a SaaS-first option for efficiency and faster innovation.

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Two core products, one secure DevOps workflow

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The Sysdig Secure DevOps platform is designed to provide you with the critical data that you need to operate, protect, and manage your container-based applications and infrastructure. Automatically work with any combination of Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, DC/OS, containerd, CRI-O, Jenkins, Falco, etc. that you choose. With Sysdig, enterprises can ship cloud apps faster, consistently, and with fewer vulnerabilities. Reduce operational overhead by blocking zero-day attacks, getting proactive alerts of issues, and drastically reducing mean time to respond (MTTR).

Alerts Audit Trails Dashboards Vulnerability Reports Topology Maps Compliance Reports Detection Rules Remediation Actions Cloud Scale | Enterprise-Grade | SAAS or Self-Hosted ImageVision Identifies and prevents images with vulnerabilities or misconfigurations from being shipped. ContainerVision Provides deep visibility via a lightweight instrumentation model that collects low level system call data. ServiceVision Enriches data with extensive metadata from cloud providers/Kubernetes/ orchestrators. Secure Monitor Secure DevOps Platform Cloud Orchestrator Infrastructure Apps CI/CD Data Sources

Read the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform architecture guide.

Our products are built on top of the most popular cloud-native open source projects.

Sysdig Monitor


The container visibility, troubleshooting, and forensics tool that started it all. It’s the most powerful way to understand why your system is not performing and where the root cause lives.

Sysdig Monitor


Falco is an open source Kubernetes runtime security project started by Sysdig and donated to the CNCF. Falco can detect and alert on anomalous behavior in your application containers and hosts. Sysdig Secure extends Falco for easier security policy management.

Sysdig Monitor


In addition to contributing to Prometheus, Sysdig offers full Prometheus compatibility. With integrations for metric collection and the ability to use Grafana dashboards and PromQL scripts, developers can retain existing workflows. Your team gains scale, long-term metric retention, enterprise features, and consistency across your environment.

We've got you covered

Sysdig gives you the deployment flexibility you need for public, private, and hybrid clouds. We continue to expand with a new data center in Europe and a second US data center.

Sysdig Monitor


Use our software-as-a-service offering to simplify your operations and reduce your overhead. Add Sysdig agents to servers anywhere and store data in our service.

Sysdig Monitor

On-Premises Software

You can deploy the Sysdig backend on your servers in your private cloud, AWS, or anywhere else.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider


Cloud Native Computing Foundation


Cloud Native Landscape

Explore how the Sysdig platform supports your use cases. Walk through a live demo with an expert.

Our list of integrations is always growing.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is secure devops?

A: Secure DevOps, also referred to as DevSecOps, is the discipline of safeguarding the DevOps environment and includes practices for security checks and reviews throughout the software production life cycle including build, run, test, release, and maintenance.

Q: What is the difference between devops and devsecops?

A: DevOps and DevSecOps use similar methodologies, automation and collaboration through the cycles of software development. DevOps priority is delivery speed, whereas DevSecOps priority is security.

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