Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Reduce Cloud Risks
with Runtime Insights

Prioritize the most significant cloud risks. Combine context from runtime insights in real-time posture-drift detections and in-use permissions with static checks that flag misconfigurations and known vulnerabilities.

Identify, Prioritize, and Remediate Misconfigs at Cloud Speed

Sysdig goes beyond traditional CSPM solutions with runtime insights. Seamlessly triage risks, enhance mitigation effectiveness, and bolster your enterprise security strategy and posture with the power of real-time context.

  • Cloud Attack Graph

    Generate a prioritized list of all of your riskiest findings to harden your defense against cloud attacks.

  • End-to-End Visibility

    Gain a complete and dynamic perspective of your cloud resources with our cutting-edge AI-driven inventory, powered by runtime insights.

  • Depth and Breadth of Coverage

    Combine agentless with agent-based deployments to cover greater use cases, providing context and visibility into the who/where/what.

We like that Sysdig uses knowledge of what is in use during production to help us make better informed posture decisions. It can help filter out 80% or more of the noise. The bottom line is that CSPM is Sysdig’s bread and butter, and that inspires confidence.”
Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer at BigCommerce
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Attack Path Analysis

Uncover hidden attack paths. Correlate assets with activity and visualize risks and exploitable links across resources. With runtime insights, real-time detections reveal active lateral movement, helping you stop attackers in their tracks.

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Dynamic Inventory Search

Search for compromised resources by combining various findings (For example: “Find all storage buckets that are publicly exposed to the internet with unblocked public access, and violate PCI standards”) to quickly check for exposure to high-severity misconfigurations, compliance violations, and vulnerabilities.

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Risk Findings

Combine context from runtime insights such as in-use vulnerabilities and in-use permissions with static assessments, including misconfigurations and known security flaws, to help prioritize what matters most.

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Better Security Posture from Runtime Insights

Static scanning of misconfigurations is not enough to prevent cloud attacks. Securing cloud-native environments at the speed at which the cloud operates requires accurate and up-to-date insights in real time.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility by monitoring cloud security controls, detecting configuration changes, identifying misconfigurations, and preventing drift across multiple cloud accounts.

Pair the fast and easy setup of agentless scanning with agent-based deployments for real-time detection and effective risk prioritization of in-use workloads.

Unify compliance requirements and security controls into a single, shared policy model solution based on OPA. Apply policies uniformly across environments.

Prevent misconfigurations and enforce remediation of excessive permissions with recommended identity and access management policies. Automatically generate suggested configuration changes to infrastructure-as-code (IaC) artifacts that you can apply with a single click.

Runtime Insights that Enhance CSPM

Optimize your time prioritizing misconfigurations and get real-time insights on in-use permissions and risks. Only Sysdig offers:

Runtime Insights

Find and fix your most critical vulnerabilities. Sysdig runtime insights provides real-time insights on in-use packages and risk.

Cloud Attack Graph

Connect the dots between in-use vulnerabilities, permissions, and real-time detection to uncover hidden attack paths and risks.

Best of Both Worlds

Spend less time on setup with agentless scanning and gain deep visibility into real-time risks with in-use packages using an agent.

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