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Wed, Feb 1
10:00 am (PST) (GMT-7:00)

How to Secure Docker Containers

While there have been many improvements around improving containers, there is still a large gap in securing the behavior of containers in production. Enter sysdig falco, the behavioral activity monitor for containerized environments. It can detect and alert on anomalous behavior at the application, file, system, and network level.
Thu, Feb 9
10:00 am (PST) (GMT-7:00)

Best Practices: Get Containers out of Dev and Into Production

You’re ready to take your containerized apps from dev/test to production, but do you have the monitoring and data services tools you need?
Join the experts from Sysdig and Portworx for live demos, of the best practices to move your containers out of development and into a production ready infrastructure.   
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