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Fishing for hackers: Analysis of a Linux server attack.


A few days ago I stumbled upon a classic blog post covering common recommendations for hardening a fresh new Linux server:...

Amazon Web Services


Sysdig secures innovation on AWS with the power of Runtime Insights.

Sysdig at AWS re:Invent 2014


It’s almost time for AWS re:Invent 2014! The sold-out conference is taking place this week, November 11-14, at The Venetian in Las...

Visualizing AWS Storage with Real-Time Latency Spectrograms


Having worked for several years in the wireless networking space, I always found spectrum analyzers like this one extremely useful....

Let there be light – Sysdig adds container visibility.


Introduction Containers are becoming increasingly popular as building blocks for deploying applications. The benefits of containerization have been widely discussed:...

Distributed container monitoring with Sysdig Cloud: A revolution.


With containers becoming more and more ubiquitous across modern IT environments, a growing number of organizations are seeing a real...

MongoDB showdown: Aggregate vs map-reduce.


MongoDB is widely regarded as the leading NoSQL database technology. Developers love it because MongoDB is schema-less and it helps...

Alerting for today’s (and tomorrow’s) distributed, containerized environments


Operations teams seem to have a love-hate relationship with alerting solutions. You love being notified the minute abnormal behavior or...

CoreOS & Sysdig, Part 1: Digging Into CoreOS Environments


We recently released container support in sysdig, and the reaction from the community has been extremely positive. Many sysdig users...

Sysdig & CoreOS, Part 2: Troubleshooting Flannel Networking & Confd


Welcome to the second half of this two-part series exploring the unique visibility sysdig can offer into CoreOS environments. If...

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