Sysdig a Leader in Frost Radar, CNAPP 2022

By Chris Petty - JANUARY 19, 2023



Frost & Sullivan has named Sysdig a Leader in its recent research, Frost Radar™: Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP). The independent report ranks Sysdig as a top vendor in both innovation and growth, putting special emphasis on the strength of Sysdig’s technology and market vision compared to competitors in the space.

Sysdig is one of “the few vendors that provide a CNAPP platform with full security protection across the application development life cycle.”
Anh Tien Vu
Industry Principal, Frost & Sullivan

Sysdig advancing the future of CNAPP


The continued increase in the adoption of cloud, as well as technologies like containers and Kubernetes, has caused a shift in how organizations protect their assets. A legacy approach is no longer sustainable – customers are looking for vendors who can enable an integrated platform approach to protecting their dynamic workloads. The reality is, companies cannot use legacy tools to protect their cloud-native environments. CNAPP vendors provide a broad set of capabilities that can provide visibility and security from build to production across DevOps, DevSecOps, and cloud infrastructure. But not every CNAPP vendor brings the same capabilities.

In the report, Frost & Sullivan evaluated 15 vendors in the CNAPP market based on their growth potential and ability to innovate. Leaders in the evaluation demonstrate significant growth potential and are instrumental in advancing the future of the industry. Those named Leaders relative to the Innovation Index showcase an ability to develop products that are globally applicable and expand to serve multiple markets and customers’ changing needs.

Sysdig is well positioned to continue to gain market share as one of the fastest-growing CNAPP vendors; Frost & Sullivan estimates a year-over-year growth rate of 144.4% in 2021. Sysdig was recognized as one of “the few vendors that provide a CNAPP platform with full security protection across the application development life cycle.”

Sysdig’s integrated platform approach stood out among other vendors, as well as our industry-leading container security capabilities. Our Cloud workload protection (CWP) module was cited for helping organizations to detect runtime threats, and anomalous threats across containers, hosts, and serverless environments. Customers turn to Sysdig to help manage their vulnerabilities in CI/CD, registries, and production, and to prioritize the vulnerable packages exposed at runtime, helping to reduce vulnerabilities needing immediate attention by up to 95%.

For more information, click here to download the full report.

Sysdig Secure Platform

Sysdig a Leader In Frost, CNAPP 2022

Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. With our platform, you can find issues that leave an organization open to a security incident and indicators of a potential attack. Teams can detect and respond to threats and anomalies, find and fix application vulnerabilities and manage cloud configurations, permissions and compliance.

The Sysdig platform provides a single view of risk across their cloud and container environment with no blind spots. Security and DevOps teams can prioritize what matters with no guesswork, and then fix at the source with no wasted time. The platform is built on open standards that make it easier to integrate with existing tools. In fact, we created Falco, the open source standard for cloud native threat detection. Today we have over 700 customers and are trusted by the largest and most innovative companies around the world.

Click here to learn more about how Sysdig Secure can help you from source to run.

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