Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Secure.

Unified data platform that provides vulnerability management, compliance, runtime security and forensics for enterprise cloud native environments at scale.

Why Sysdig Secure?

The nature of cloud-native, microservice driven applications means that your software is comprised of smaller and highly distributed units. This makes it really hard to see what your services are actually doing (or what’s being done to them) with traditional legacy tools. Visibility turns out to be the fundamental missing component needed to secure the entire lifecycle of your cloud-native journey.

With Sysdig Secure you protect your applications across the container lifecycle. We bring together image scanning, run-time protection, and forensics to identify vulnerabilities, block threats, enforce compliance, and audit activity across your microservices.

Sysdig Monitor

Vulnerability management.

Secure your software development lifecycle

Identify, remediate, and mitigate vulnerabilities from deployment to production. Scan images in a registry or as part of the CI/CD process to uncover vulnerable libraries, packages, and configuration. Create vulnerability policies to fail builds, prevent images from running, and get alerted of new vulnerabilities in production.

Full Stack data analysis

Run-time detection.

Protect containers in production with behavioral profiles

Sysdig ContainerVision collects data through system calls, giving you 10x more signals about container, host and orchestrator activity in your environment. Our behavioral models leverage data from the millions containers we already protect to create the most effective out-of-the-box container protection and response for you.

Detect Cryptojacking in containers

Andy Vansickle-Ward

Sysdig is the only one who has unified performance monitoring and security, and done it in a low-resource and cost effective way.

Andy Vansickle-Ward, Principal DevOps Engineer. SunRun
Sysdig Monitor


Record a snapshot of all activity before and after security events

Record pre- and post-attack activity through system calls with microsecond level granularity. Our forensics allow you inspect data outside of production, even if the containers are long gone. Easily recreate intrusions, data exfiltration events, or lateral movement so you can recover quickly and improve your defensive posture.

Forensics in containers

Nicolas Kramer

With Sysdig’s container intelligence platform Quby gained complete visibility into the performance, health, and security of their new infrastructure and container applications.

Sysdig Monitor


Track every command executed on hosts and inside containers

Capture audit trails of every user action taken on your hosts or inside your containers with full command-line arguments, enriched with container and orchestrator context . Easily integrate audit trails downstream for simplified management.

Full Stack data analysis


250+ out of the box compliance checks to keep your configuration secure

Detect violations of external compliance requirements like CIS, PCI-DSS, GDPR, or enforce custom compliance controls. Leverage Sysdig captures to record and store all data surrounding any violation for complete governance and risk management.

Our list of integrations is always growing.





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We've got you covered.

Sysdig gives you the deployment flexibility you need for public, private and hybrid clouds

Sysdig Monitor


Use our software-as-a-service offering to simplify your operations and reduce your overhead. Add Sysdig agents to servers anywhere; and store data in our service.

Sysdig Monitor

On-Premises Software

The preferred choice for enterprises with security or regulator requirments around data — deploy the Sysdig backedn on your servers in your private cloud, AWS, or anywhere else.

sysdig risk, health, and performance

Better together.

Get a unified view of risk, health and performance. The Sysdig Cloud-Native Visibility and Security platform combines Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure for complete container visibility and security delivered with a single agent and backend.