Sysdig Validated as AWS CloudOps Competency Launch Partner

By Eric Carter - APRIL 6, 2023


AWS cloud operations competency launch with Sysdig

This week AWS unveiled its new Cloud Operations Competency–aka the CloudOps Competency–designed to recognize qualified partners who help cloud customers build and manage hybrid cloud environments securely and efficiently. Sysdig is a launch partner and our CNAPP and observability solutions are now validated for the AWS CloudOps Competency in Compliance and Auditing, as well as Monitoring and Observability categories.

Organizations rapidly migrating to AWS and developing applications at a breakneck pace have a lot to consider as they look to set up and operate a secure, efficient, and cost-effective environment. Concerns around governance, financial management, monitoring and observability, compliance and auditing, and operations management all come into play. This is the focus of the CloudOps Competency, directing AWS users to partners who have a proven track record of helping AWS customers plan and build operations management solutions and practices.

The CloudOps challenge

Managing the delivery, tuning, optimization, security posture, and performance of cloud infrastructure and workloads is a critical practice for companies operating in the cloud. Because the cloud model is dynamic and different, organizations may find themselves lacking the knowledge and skills required to be successful. This can impede achieving your business objectives and reasons for adopting cloud in the first place.

The good news is that companies like AWS and Sysdig care about not only building easy-to-implement-and-use solutions but also about assisting customers with learning and upskilling for the cloud. After all, your real goal is innovation, not cloud operations. By getting a handle on key CloudOps practices and automating as much as possible, you can spend more time on application development.

How Sysdig helps CloudOps

As mentioned above, for the CloudOps Competency, Sysdig has been recognized for both Compliance and Auditing, as well as Monitoring and Observability. Let’s dive into more about how Sysdig helps with these practices.

Cloud compliance and auditing

When it comes to compliance mandates–everybody’s got one. PCI-DSS, SOC 2, FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST 800-54, NIST 800-171, ISO 27001, and so on, all exist to establish standards to protect privacy, ensure safety, reduce fraud, etc. The challenge with compliance and the cloud is that modern application solutions, like containers and Kubernetes, and cloud services, use abstractions to support rapid deployment. Their dynamic–often short-lived–nature can be much harder to track, measure, and control. For this reason, solutions built for the cloud are often critical to saving time and effort.

Cloud compliance is also complicated due to the shared responsibility model between cloud provider and a customer. It implies that cloud providers are responsible for meeting some compliance rules, such as the physical security of data centers and auditing underlying infrastructure. However, a huge chunk of the responsibility for cloud compliance lies with you and your teams that use the cloud.

Sysdig focuses on AWS security and cloud security monitoring, empowering AWS customers to continuously manage cloud infrastructure and identity risks. We help identify and remediate misconfigurations and missing controls in your control plane, cloud resources, and cloud‑deployed workloads. A compliance lens for common frameworks and regulatory requirements helps you to assess your environments against security standards.

Sysdig Compliance diagram for CloudOps
Sysdig Compliance Monitoring

For auditing, Sysdig Secure’s Activity Audit records all commands from interactive sessions, file operations, and network operations. Going even deeper, Sysdig captures data about what occurred before, during, and after a security event triggers. This gives you the information you need–even for stopped containers–to support later forensic analysis.

These capabilities as well as other insights and context available about the posture and activity in your cloud, all come together to support your security and compliance goals.

Sysdig Secure Activity Audit Screen
Sysdig Secure Activity Audit

Cloud monitoring and observability

For similar reasons as noted above–that things move much faster in the cloud–it can lead to gaps in visibility and difficulty in resolving issues when they arise. Cloud monitoring needs to help you understand what is happening both across your technology stack as well as with applications to ensure you’re meeting user and business expectations. SREs and DevOps teams need easy-to-use cloud and Kubernetes monitoring tools that collect, aggregate, correlate, and analyze telemetry, and provide required context (cloud, region, cluster, namespace, service, container, etc.) to provide fast answers.

Sysdig Monitor is built to make it easier to understand what is happening across your cloud, containers, and Kubernetes clusters. You can correlate your applications, services–and even Prometheus metrics–with Kubernetes and cloud context. Here are a few of the key capabilities of Sysdig Monitor that AWS customers love:

  • Golden Signal monitoring helps you keep watch over Latency, Errors, Saturation, and Traffic for your cloud workloads
  • Prometheus Monitoring lets you offload the need to maintain Prometheus servers, giving you a fully compatible managed service with long-term storage, automatic service detection, out-of-the-box dashboards and alerts, and curated exporters
  • Advisor accelerates mean time to resolution (MTTR) with live logs, performance data, and suggested remediation steps. It’s like an easy button for Kubernetes troubleshooting!
  • Cost Advisor helps you lower costs by suggesting ways to rightsize your Kubernetes environments

Reduce costs with Sysdig Monitor Cost Advisor
Sysdig Monitor Cost Advisor

Secure and accelerate your innovation in the cloud with Sysdig and AWS

Sysdig secures your AWS cloud innovation with the power of runtime insights by applying visibility from runtime across the software lifecycle. Organizations running applications on AWS can manage cloud security posture, implement continuous compliance, automate the enforcement of governance, and pass audits with detailed evidence.

We’re glad to be a part of AWS’s new Cloud Operations Competency. Just like the other competencies we’ve achieved, including Containers, Security, and DevOps, we trust it provides you with a level of confidence that Sysdig is ready to help you solve your cloud operations, security, and monitoring challenges.

We invite you to learn more. Check out our architecture guide to dive deeper. If you’re ready to roll, ask for our free trial, you’ll be up and going in minutes.

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