Managed Enterprise Prometheus Monitoring

Prometheus monitoring that is radically simple and fully compatible

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Why Prometheus?

Prometheus is transforming observability for cloud native applications and services. As an open source project, Prometheus offers a standard way to collect, store, and query metrics across containers, Kubernetes, services, and applications. Since Sysdig Monitor is fully compatible with Prometheus, customers can take advantage of enterprise features without sacrificing their investment in the Prometheus ecosystem.

Prometheus Monitoring Use Cases

Managed Prometheus Service

Sysdig Monitor provides a fully managed Prometheus service with enterprise features for Prometheus monitoring. You can use Prometheus Query Language queries for dashboards and alerts, or the Prometheus API for scripted queries, as part of a DevOps workflow. Users can take advantage of our built-in agent scraping, simplified querying, troubleshooting, correlation, and support that we provide as part of Sysdig Monitor for a complete Prometheus monitoring solution. is a growing curated catalog of Prometheus monitoring integrations that offers configuration, documentation and official customer support by Sysdig.



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