Building security into your DevOps workflow? Learn more from us and other cloud-native experts at these upcoming events.


Dec 7-8

CIO’s Future of Cloud and Digital Infrastructure Summit


Dec 9




AWS Cloud & Container Security Best Practices

AWS Cloud & Container Security Best Practices

Become a DevSecOps expert

Sysdig is recognized by AWS as an ISV Accelerate partner. We are an AWS Container and DevOps Competency partner, recognized for our technical expertise in both security and monitoring.
Devops Experience The roaring 2020s

Why Wait? Find Cloud Risks and Threats in Real Time with Stream Detection

Loris Degioanni, Founder and CTO, Sysdig

In its 4th year, this year’s DevOps Experience will explore how DevOps will be a major factor in today's Roaring 20’s. Sessions will be geared toward practitioners, managers and C-level executives, and led by industry thought leaders.
Google Cloud Next 2021

Security & Monitoring Demos
on Google Cloud

Eric Carter & Aaron Newcomb, Product Marketing Directors, Sysdig

Enjoy Demos on Image Scanning, Runtime Security, Continuous Compliance, or Kubernetes & Container Monitoring.
Cloud-native Days with Kubernetes

Getting your Security Strategy Right - and Left - from the Start

Loris Degioanni, Founder and CTO, Sysdig

Loris will discuss key practices needed for a secure cloud and container environment, including: what is required to increase security, visibility and simplicity in the cloud, lessons learned from major attacks like Kaseya and SolarWinds, ways to leverage Secure DevOps.
Container Security on AKS Demo

Container Security
on AKS Demo

Eric Carter, Product Marketing Director, Sysdig

Confidently run applications on Azure Kubernetes Service using the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. Learn about security for containers on AKS.
Image Scanning on AWS

Image Scanning
on AWS

Pawan Shankar, Product Marketing Director, Sysdig

Deploy securely using a single workflow to detect container image vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Scan images directly within ECR. Automate local image scanning for Fargate, EKS, and ECS containers.
DevOps Experience Virtual Summit 2020

Kubernetes Disrupts! Security Threats & Shifts You Can’t Ignore

Loris Degioanni, Founder and CTO, Sysdig

Security has to adapt to modern application development. Shift left is foundational; runtime security, incident response and forensics also need to change.
Operationalizing Kubernetes Virtual Summit 2020

Live Hacking! Practical security for AWS EKS/Fargate using Falco

Kris Nova

Kubernetes expert Kris Nóva explains running an EKS cluster on Fargate and what to keep in mind while building a cloud native app in AWS. Watch as Falco securely taps the infrastructure.
Loris Degioanni - Securing Containers with Falco - Rancher Edge Conf

Securing Containers at the Edge with Falco

Loris Degioanni, Founder and CTO, Sysdig

Hear about how Falco is preparing containers for IoT and the future of runtime security at the edge.