Building security into your DevOps workflow? Learn more from us and other cloud-native experts at these upcoming events.


Nov 30 - Jan 31.

AWS re:Invent 2020c

Feb 17-19.

Mar 2-4.

Microsoft Ignite 2021

Apr 27-28. Part 1

Jun 15-16. Part 2


DevOps Enterprise Virtual Summit 2020

Kubernetes Attacks: What Your Cluster is Trying to Tell You

Brad Geesaman, Co-founder and Chief Security Architect,
Pawan Shankar, Director of Security Produce Marketing, Sysdig

If an attacker got inside your cluster, would you know? Do your DevOps and Security teams know what to look for regarding malicious activity? Get armed to address Kubernetes security now.

DevOps Experience Virtual Summit 2020

Kubernetes Disrupts! Security Threats & Shifts You Can’t Ignore

Loris Degioanni, Founder and CTO, Sysdig

Security has to adapt to modern application development. Shift left is foundational; runtime security, incident response and forensics also need to change.

Operationalizing Kubernetes Virtual Summit 2020

Live Hacking! Practical security for AWS EKS/Fargate using Falco

Kris Nova

Kubernetes expert Kris Nóva explains running an EKS cluster on Fargate and what to keep in mind while building a cloud native app in AWS. Watch as Falco securely taps the infrastructure.

Loris Degioanni - Securing Containers with Falco - Rancher Edge Conf

Securing Containers at the Edge with Falco

Loris Degioanni, Founder and CTO, Sysdig

Hear about how Falco is preparing containers for IoT and the future of runtime security at the edge.