Sysdig Expands Unified Monitoring Across IBM Cloud Services

APRIL 8, 2020


IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig available globally, includes view of monitoring and visibility across entire IBM public cloud portfolio

SAN FRANCISCO – April 8, 2020 — Sysdig, Inc., the secure DevOps leader, today announced the global expansion of its support for IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig to IBM Cloud services, infrastructure, and applications. Administrators, DevOps teams, and developers can now access a fully managed enterprise-grade monitoring service that provides a single view across the IBM public cloud portfolio, including IBM public cloud services such as IBM Watson, Event Streams, Cloud Databases, Cloud Object Storage, and Cloud Foundry.

This expansion builds on the existing capabilities of IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig to manage application and infrastructure complexities, help identify threats, and address problems throughout the software lifecycle. As organizations adopt cloud-native solutions, visibility and security are some of the biggest barriers for adoption. Cloud-native applications can be complex and they generate volumes of data that must be correlated and contextualized so that organizations can understand the health of their applications. Deep-data granularity from Sysdig allows cloud teams to monitor performance and health of their environment for better insight using a single tool that scales with enterprise demand. In the event of an issue, having system-wide visibility can facilitate quicker resolutions.

IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig was released in June 2018. This expanded monitoring and troubleshooting enables customers worldwide to have access to a single-user interface that compiles metrics, such as response times and performance from IBM public cloud services, in addition to infrastructure and applications. IBM clients benefit from Sysdig service monitoring and Sysdig’s native Prometheus compatibility and ability to monitor the largest environments. Last month Sysdig announced full Prometheus-compatibility and cloud scaling. With Sysdig services, IBM has visibility into its metrics in a single, scalable repository across the entire IBM public cloud portfolio.

“As enterprises increasingly migrate workloads to the public cloud, they need a simple and efficient way to monitor performance and availability across their infrastructure, applications and services,” said Jason McGee, vice president and chief technology officer for IBM Cloud Platform at IBM. “Sysdig’s expertise in cloud-native monitoring and modern cloud workloads has been instrumental in helping us deliver a solution that gives our global customers the unified view they need across the entire IBM public cloud portfolio. This is critical as our customers look to reduce complexities in managing the operations of their cloud-native workloads and focus more on accelerating their IT modernization.”

Capabilities of IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig

Working with Sysdig allows IBM public cloud users to:

  • Maximize performance and availability: Sysdig performance and health monitoring gives IBM public cloud users deep visibility into infrastructure, applications, and services to anticipate and prevent issues.
  • Speed time to resolution: Sysdig collects and correlates data across IBM resources, applications, and services that run on IBM public cloud and on-premises servers. Granular data with rich context provides a single source for insight and troubleshooting.
  • Scale Prometheus monitoring: Sysdig scales to tens of millions of metrics with long-term data retention.
  • Get started quickly: Out-of-the-box dashboards and automatic service discovery accelerate the adoption of containers and Kubernetes, including IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.
    “IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig scales to provide enterprise customers with a single view across their IBM services, addressing data silos,” said Suresh Vasudevan, chief Executive officer at Sysdig. “We have built our monitoring framework around Prometheus and this deployment will be one of the largest Prometheus deployments to date.”


    IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig is available in all regions where IBM public cloud is accessible. Sysdig is part of the IBM Public Cloud Ecosystem, a new initiative to support global system integrators and independent software vendors to help clients modernize and transform mission-critical workloads on the IBM public cloud. To learn more and access IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig, visit


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