Sysdig Collaborates with IBM Cloud to Expand Cloud Intelligence Solutions for Developers.

JUNE 13, 2018


IBM and Sysdig to work together to provide end-to-end capabilities enterprises need to develop, deploy and operate cloud app architectures

SAN FRANCISCO, **June 13, **2018 Sysdig, Inc., the cloud-native intelligence company, announced today it will work with IBM to support the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform in IBM Cloud. Sysdig offers unified security, monitoring, and forensics for containers and microservices, giving users a robust view of the health of their cloud apps. By delivering its platform with the IBM Cloud, Sysdig plans to enable developer teams with tools to easily develop, deploy, and secure cloud-native apps, existing workloads moving to the cloud, and hybrid cloud architectures. These capabilities include easily managing container lifecycles, gaining real-time visibility into the health and performance of microservices, and the ability to better catch potential security risks.

For more information, read the latest Sysdig blog, “IBM and Sysdig collaborate on end-to-end cloud-native intelligence for IBM Cloud,” about this collaboration.

This collaboration stems from many developers organically realizing the benefits of tapping Sysdig technologies on top of IBM Cloud, and will expand this integration for a more seamless experience, higher efficiency, and to help teams rapidly achieve a broad range of operational requirements. The announcement of the addition of Sysdig into IBM Cloud’s growing ecosystem of partners was made this week at DockerCon North America, and folds into other advancements IBM is making to deliver a cloud best designed for new workloads in AI, machine learning and IoT. For more information, visit the IBM Cloud blog, “Building a Cloud for AI with Kubernetes, DevOps and Scale.”

The complexity of cloud architectures built with many moving parts, such as containers and microservices, creates new challenges around securing, monitoring, and operating apps in production. Sysdig Secure adds service-aware app security and forensics for real-time protection. Sysdig Monitor delivers unmatched data collection for increased insight and faster incident resolution; the ability to collect, store, and analyze high-cardinality metrics; and cross-cloud monitoring. IBM and Sysdig will work together to bring these capabilities to IBM Cloud developers along with an expanding set of tools, such as Istio, to help them better orchestrate and manage cloud-native workloads.

“IBM Cloud meets developers where they are in their cloud journey, no matter what stage they’re at in adoption, which tools they prefer or where their data resides,” said Chris Rosen, Program Director, IBM Cloud. “Our new collaboration with Sysdig grows the range of options IBM Cloud developers have to easily and securely build with emerging cloud tools – such as containers, microservices and serverless computing – while keeping data in their control and with the mix of scale and performance that works for them.”

While containers are becoming increasingly practical in application development environments, operating a container-based environment can be challenging. Much of the work around containers and orchestration is focused around the needs of developers, while the knowledge and tools needed to operationalize are still evolving. Considerations need to be made across a broad range of areas, especially monitoring. This collaboration will help to solve these challenges with the capabilities achieved by running Sysdig on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Key benefits of using Sysdig with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service:

  • Faster time to production: By bringing together container visibility with compliance and run-time security, Sysdig enables DevOps to deploy faster.

  • Increased operational efficiency: IBM Cloud integration with Sysdig provides a one-stop-shop for all information collected and stored, along with transparent instrumentation that auto-discovers applications and metrics, which radically improves operational posture and development efficiency.

  • Faster incident resolution: Adaptive alerts provide proactive notification of anomalies and events. By leveraging automated system calls, Sysdig is able to provide deeper container visibility, used to detect, alert, and block suspicious activity before they impact operations.

  • Simplified compliance: Sysdig automatically scans hosts, containers, and microservices for compliance based on Center for Internet Security configurations or against custom benchmarks to ease the pain of measuring and enforcing compliance.

  • Service-based access control: The ability to control team access to hosts, services, and data, exposes information to only those who need it and increases productivity by removing the need to wade through unimportant information.

  • Less time spent managing platforms: Unified management and billing features for customers who integrate Sysdig with the IBM Cloud include a combined dashboard and alerting, which eases the pain of logging into two systems or paying two invoices.

“We’re proud to partner with IBM to soon bring the monitoring, security, and forensics capabilities of the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform deeper into the IBM Cloud,” notes Loris Degioanni, CTO and founder, Sysdig. “With our joint plans to deeply integrate the two offerings, our goal is to provide customers with seamless cloud-native security and monitoring on top of IBM Cloud’s already-powerful capabilities.”

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