Sysdig Partners with In-Q-Tel to Provide Unified Visibility and Security Platform to U.S. Government Agencies.

MAY 13, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO — May 13, 2019 — Sysdig, Inc., the cloud-native visibility and security company, today announced a strategic partnership with In-Q-Tel, Inc. (IQT), the not-for-profit strategic investor that identifies and accelerates the development of cutting-edge technologies to support the missions of U.S. government agencies. Together Sysdig and IQT will provide U.S. government agencies with the Sysdig Cloud-Native Visibility and Security Platform (VSP), giving agencies insight and control as they transition to modern IT architectures, including Kubernetes, containers, and multi-cloud deployments.

The need for speed and agility is driving changes in IT infrastructure, most notably the shift to cloud-native architectures and the adoption of rapid DevOps-style development programs. The move to multi-cloud and containers comes with tremendous opportunity but also introduces complexity and risk. Since its founding in 2013, Sysdig has focused on providing an innovative new approach to visibility and security for containers and microservices in the cloud. The company already monitors and secures tens of millions of containers across hundreds of enterprises, and with IQT will lend this expertise to more government agencies. This unprecedented level of visibility into cloud-native infrastructure will help agencies accelerate modernization, improve the health and risk posture of their environments, reduce the cost of operations, detect vulnerabilities, and prevent attacks.

“Sysdig is honored to work with IQT to help our government agencies minimize operational complexity and risk by uncovering blind spots in cloud-native applications,” said Suresh Vasudevan, chief executive officer at Sysdig. “We are already working with U.S. federal and local governments, along with international government agencies, and we will continue to provide innovative solutions through our partnership with IQT.”

“With the Sysdig Visibility and Security Platform, our government partners will gain insight and control as they move to adopt modern, cloud-native approaches,” said Luke Berndt, senior member, technical staff, IQT. “Sysdig’s cutting-edge solutions will give our agencies the ability to identify vulnerabilities, enforce compliance, and monitor application and service performance.”

The Sysdig Visibility and Security Platform
Sysdig pioneered the industry’s first platform that unifies cloud-native visibility and security, enabling organizations to operate reliable and secure containerized cloud-native applications. The Sysdig approach starts from a completely new way to instrument and collect granular data in real-time and an innovative approach to enriching data with the extensive and rich context that is needed in the cloud-native world. This is delivered through a massively scalable data engine, upon which, Sysdig delivers applications and workflows for securing, monitoring, and troubleshooting cloud-native applications.

Sysdig’s approach starts with an open source core: leveraging well-known Cloud Native Computing Foundation® projects such as Falco and Prometheus, combined with Sysdig’s original eponymous project, the platform provides open source with enterprise management, security, and support.

Sysdig provides organizations with the context needed to understand if their microservices are running reliably and securely. Each team involved in operating the services — service owners, DevOps, and security teams — previously relied on their own set of isolated tools to get a narrow view of their environment. With the latest Sysdig visibility and security platform, these issues are eliminated with a single, comprehensive view of the enterprise environment which provides risk, health, and performance data across thousands of clusters for many thousands of microservices.

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Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. The company pioneered cloud-native runtime threat detection and response by creating Falco and Sysdig Open Source as open source standards and key building blocks of the Sysdig platform. With the platform, teams can find and prioritize software vulnerabilities, detect and respond to threats, and manage cloud configurations, permissions, and compliance. From containers and Kubernetes to cloud services, teams get a single view of risk from source to run, with no blind spots, no guesswork, no wasted time. The largest and most innovative companies around the world rely on Sysdig.