Sysdig Extends the Power of Detection and Response to Include Windows Server and Malware Threat Detection

NOVEMBER 16, 2023


Expanding its CDR capabilities within the company’s cloud native application protection platform

SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 16, 2023 – Sysdig, the leader in cloud security powered by runtime insights, announces malware threat detection and Windows server detection. With the speed, breadth, and interconnectedness of the cloud outpacing traditional endpoint detection and response (EDR) approaches, organizations require a purpose-built solution that stays ahead of cloud attacks and supports collaboration between security and development teams.

As organizations mature and introduce complexity to their cloud environments, security teams are under increasing pressure to keep up. They must maintain visibility and provide contextual value without slowing developers down, which is challenging when tooling is not built for the cloud. An end-to-end cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) must include cloud detection and response (CDR) and cover all aspects of the cloud across servers, containers, cloud logs, and serverless compute, giving developers the context they need to move at the speed of the cloud. 

“Our research shows that organizations are increasing their investments in CDR because they need to ensure that they can efficiently detect and respond to threats and attacks on their applications running in the cloud,” said Melinda Marks, Practice Director, Cybersecurity at ESG. “While organizations typically have multiple security tools in place, they face challenges ensuring that they can keep up with faster development cycles and a rapidly evolving threat landscape while needing to protect their business-critical cloud applications. The key is whether they have full visibility and monitoring of their applications across cloud environments, the context to prioritize remediation to mitigate risk, and the capability to speed their response to threats or attacks.”

Expanding Industry-Leading CNAPP

Windows server threat detection
expands coverage of runtime detection to Windows servers. Real-time alerting on suspicious behavior across Windows servers and workloads gives customers a single solution for their entire cloud infrastructure, including virtual machines, workloads, containers, Kubernetes, Linux, and Windows.

Expanding malware detection uses file hashing to stop malware-based attacks. Sysdig detects malware at runtime by checking hashes of executed binaries against known malware, and prevents the execution.

Sysdig’s CDR capabilities provide powerful benefits within the company’s broader CNAPP solution. Customers can begin leveraging the enhanced power of Windows and Linux server threat detection today. By extending the utility of server threat detection to other powerful use cases – such as container and Kubernetes security, cloud logs, and serverless – organizations can achieve comprehensive visibility and deep security insights that traditional EDRs lack.


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