KuppingerCole Names Sysdig a Product and Innovation Leader for CNAPP

By Marla Rosner - FEBRUARY 7, 2024


The cloud security market is still maturing and growing at a rapid pace. New security jargon, solutions, vendors, and acronyms are constantly appearing, making it difficult to have a clear sense of what approach to cloud security is best for your own organization.

Cloud-native application platforms (CNAPPs) are one of the most recent categories in this space. But rather than piling another solution on the cloud security technology stack, CNAPPs aim to simplify cloud security by unifying the many disparate point solutions on the market into a single platform.

Luckily, KuppingerCole just released their latest Leadership Compass evaluation on CNAPP, covering the latest trends in the market, the function of a CNAPP, and what to look for when choosing a vendor.

Why do you need a CNAPP?

The fundamentals of cybersecurity haven’t changed. Organizations need to guard themselves against ransomware, denial of service, data breaches, and unplanned downtime, all while complying with laws and regulations. However, the cloud introduces new and different threat vectors, and requires solutions with an approach built for cloud-native environments.

According to analyst firm KuppingerCole, CNAPPs aim to solve the challenges of cloud-native security by “making sure that all these various technologies can operate together, fully automated and at the cloud scale, considering the ephemeral and stateless nature of containers that differentiates them from traditional endpoints.”

CNAPPs can also help reduce friction between development and security teams by streamlining cloud security functions. DevOps teams, whose mission is to innovate as quickly as possible, may often find security measures to be a constant speed bump interrupting their work. Purpose-built cloud security solutions, like a CNAPP, that deliver coverage over a variety of use cases will help development and security teams keep pace with the speed of the cloud — without exposing their organization to unnecessary risk.

The CNAPP vendor landscape

The Leadership Compass evaluated twelve CNAPP vendors, rating and comparing them based on standardized criteria. We’re proud that Sysdig has been named an Overall, Product, and Innovation Leader. Our leadership position speaks to Sysdig’s ability to deliver leading-edge capabilities across the depth and breadth of CNAPP, including cloud security posture management, cloud application security, container security, and more.

Our multi-layered detection capabilities and our open-source approach were both called out as differentiators. Furthermore, KuppingerCole recommends that “The Sysdig Secure platform should be considered by organizations looking for preventive and detective CNAPP capabilities, which also supports the investigative actions required when a security incident occurs.”

Sysdig’s CNAPP helps you secure every second

The bottom line: Sysdig is a leader in the CNAPP space. This ranking was based not only on Sysdig’s capabilities, but our ease of use and deployment, innovation, and overall efficacy.

We recognize that CNAPP must include runtime intelligence and so does KuppingerCole, calling out how our use of runtime insights “helps to identify vulnerabilities that are tied to packages used at runtime to help prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter, as well as to recognize posture drift in real-time as it occurs, rather than at the next scan.”

We’re pleased to see our unique runtime insights-based approach to CNAPP achieve recognition, and we hope you’ll be interested in learning more about the CNAPP market — and what sets Sysdig apart.

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Sysdig has also been named a Leader and Outperformer in GigaOm’s Cloud Workload Security Radar.

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