Sysdig Cloud-Native Observability Solutions

Gain deep visibility into your cloud and Kubernetes environments to troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and cut costs.

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Money, Time, and Opportunities Wasted

wasted annually for companies running over 1,000 container nodes1
of containers live less than 5 minutes, making them difficult to troubleshoot1
increase in load time increases bounce rates by 32%2

1. Sysdig 2023 Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report
2. Google/SOASTA Research, 2018

Observe and Measure What Matters

Monitor your key infrastructure such as cloud services, containers, Kubernetes, serverless, and virtual machines. Go beyond infrastructure observability and monitor all of your key application and business-level metrics.

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Observability - Observe and Measure What Matters

Observability - Troubleshoot 10 Times Faster

Troubleshoot Issues
10 Times Faster

Quickly identify issues that impact your applications, such as container crashes, pod and cluster misconfigurations, and Kubernetes control plane issues. Fix issues quickly with actionable remediation steps and/or code.

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Cut Costs and
Optimize Performance

Uncover waste, idle resources, and overprovisioning – without impacting application performance. Actionable recommendations help you optimize your Kubernetes environment and reduce cloud costs.

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Observability - Cust Costs and Optimize Performance

Customers Observe Better
with Sysdig

The Sysdig
Observability Difference

Level up your monitoring with a modern approach to observability. Only Sysdig offers:

in cloud


Instead of retrofitting legacy monitoring tools, Sysdig was built from the ground up to monitor your cloud-native applications.

open source

Open Standards

Sysdig is committed to the open source community. Our observability solutions are 100% Prometheus-compatible.

Cost Optimization Eye

Lower Costs

Lower your infrastructure and monitoring costs. Sysdig observability solutions help you optimize your environment with confidence.

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Deep visibility for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud.