Google Cloud monitoring and security with Sysdig

Unified container security, monitoring, and forensics


Application-intelligent monitoring for GKE

Visualize the health of your Google Kubernetes Engine cluster with service-oriented views, and comprehensive metrics to help you identify and eliminate issues faster.


Run-time security
+ forensics

Take a services-aware approach to run-time security and forensics. Bring together deep container visibility with Docker and Kubernetes integration to block threats.


Sysdig +
Google Cloud SCC

Gain centralized visibility and control with Sysdig Secure events information in the Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC).

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Service-level GKE container monitoring + troubleshooting

With Sysdig monitoring you can collect, graph and alert on system and application specific metrics like connections, errors, response time, slow database queries, top URLs or custom Prometheus, statsd or JMX metrics. Aggregate by Kubernetes namespace, deployments or pods down to individual containers. Monitor health of your containers with kube-state-metrics.

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sysdig monitor and secure

GCP run-time security
+ forensics from Sysdig

Detect abnormal container and application behavior from the baseline, leveraging host, process, network and file system activity. Remediate potential threat, via container isolation, pausing or killing a suspicious container. Implement policies using Kubernetes metadata so rules are applied as your infrastructure changes.

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sysdig monitor and secure

Sysdig integration with
Google Cloud SCC

The Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC) consolidates all event information tagged and collected from various sources, such as Google Cloud security policies and Sysdig Secure in one place, providing a one-stop-shop for all information collected and a more robust view of the infrastructure at any given time.

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sysdig monitor and secure

“We chose to develop on Google Cloud for its robust, cost-effective platform. Sysdig is the perfect complement because it allows us to effectively secure and monitor our Kubernetes services with a single agent.”

– Ashley Penny, VP of infrastructure.

Leading companies are using Sysdig


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