IBM & Sysdig collaborate on end-to-end cloud-native intelligence for IBM Cloud

By Eric Carter - JUNE 13, 2018


IBM Cloud

We’re super excited today to announce at DockerCon 2018 our collaboration with IBM to support the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform in IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud monitoring and security with Sysdig will enable developer teams to easily develop, deploy, and secure cloud-native apps, as well as existing workloads moving to cloud and hybrid cloud architectures.

IBM is making significant advancements to deliver a cloud best designed for new workloads in AI, machine learning and IoT. Consequently, with its launch of the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, IBM provides developers the broadest and easiest range of ways to build with, scale and run containers. IBM is well aware of the benefits of fueling AI with containers. In fact, their Watson services run on Kubernetes!

IBM Cloud monitoring and security with Sysdig

Our collaboration has been driven at a grass roots level by developers. In fact, developers organically realized the benefits of IBM Cloud monitoring and security with Sysdig cloud-native intelligence technologies and asked for more! Because cloud architectures can be complex – even more so when they include more than one cloud – solutions that simplify cloud efforts are highly sought after. Orchestrated containers and microservices automate much of the cloud equation. At the same time, they make securing, monitoring, and operating apps in production more complex. For this reason, it’s Sysdig’s mission to make it a lot easier.

  • Sysdig Secure service-aware app security and forensics simplifies real-time protection.

  • Sysdig Monitor simplifies data collection for increased insight and faster incident resolution.

Everything we do helps enterprises moving not just to a cloud, but to cross-cloud infrastructures. Together with IBM, we’re able to help users eliminate concerns around security, scale and infrastructure  – things that distract developers from focusing on improving their code.

Collaborating with @IBMcloud to deliver @sysdig cloud-native intelligence: #security, #monitoring, and #forensics for developers – #DockerCon. Click to tweet

The team at IBM is also very focused on expanding ease-of-use and flexibility for cross-cloud infrastructure. This week IBM made announcements that show their commitment to leadership in this space. The first announced announced a major expansion of 18 new availability zones across North America, Europe and Asia. The second announced the availability of multi-zone clusters for their IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. What do multi-zone clusters make possible? They let users deploy a single containerized app across multiple global IBM Cloud regions. The IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service manages every piece of a containerized app. This can be done across different geographies simultaneously with the assurance that each will experience the same consistent experience.

Check out our demo video to see how easy it is to use Sysdig with IBM Cloud:

A look at the future with Sysdig and IBM

So what does the future of this collaboration hold? IBM and Sysdig will work together to bring cloud-native intelligence capabilities to IBM Cloud developers. This includes expanding the set of tools available to help better orchestrate and manage cloud-native workloads and providing in-depth visibility and security for IBM Cloud integrated services like Istio

As our founder and CTO, Loris Degioanni put it, “We’re proud to partner with IBM to soon bring the monitoring, security, and forensics capabilities of the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform deeper into the IBM Cloud. With our joint plans to deeply integrate the two offerings, our goal is to provide customers with seamless cloud-native security and monitoring on top of IBM Cloud’s already-powerful capabilities.”

Watch this space – we’re just getting started!

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