Sysdig Launches PromCat, Saves Developers A Week Per Integration

MARCH 24, 2020


Industry’s first repository for vetted Prometheus integrations with documentation, configurations, and support

SAN FRANCISCO — March 24, 2020 — Sysdig, Inc., the secure DevOps leader, launched today. PromCat, short for Prometheus Catalog, is a curated repository of vetted Prometheus exporters, dashboards, and alerts to monitor any infrastructure, application, and service running in the cloud. Sysdig offers documentation, suggested configurations, and Sysdig customer support. There are hundreds of Prometheus exporters at all levels of completion that collect metrics from various applications and services offered by cloud vendors. Having validated integrations — exporters, dashboards, and alerts — with documentation, helps customers to decide which integration to use, how to configure them, and keep up with changes. DevOps teams can save weeks of time by reducing this research. Today, PromCat hosts integrations for Kubernetes control plane, Istio, and a growing list of AWS services.

In a separate announcement today, the company announced the industry’s first cloud-scale, fully Prometheus compatible monitoring solution. Like with PromCat, Sysdig continues to help organizations ship applications faster as they adopt the cloud and Kubernetes.

Blog: PromCat: A resource catalog for enterprise-class Prometheus monitoring

When developers collaborate and share, they improve visibility and strengthen security in their environments. The popularity of Prometheus has led to an abundance of shared resources; however, it can be hard to determine which resources are production-ready and capable of supporting the enterprise.

Implementing a scalable Prometheus monitoring system is a challenge, requiring tight integrations between metrics sources and collection, dashboards, alerts, and retention. It is a puzzle that requires navigating compatibility differences that take effort to set up and maintain over time. The goal of PromCat is to make it easier for developers to access the collective expertise of the cloud-native community.

Users can take the integrations from PromCat and use them with the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform, or their own Prometheus servers. Developers do not have to use commercial Sysdig products to use the PromCat repository, unless they require support. Over the coming months, PromCat will expand to include more applications and services identified in the 2019 Sysdig Container Usage Report in the order of popularity.

“There is a wealth of code sharing online; however, it is hard to know where to look and the quality is inconsistent,” said Loris Degioanni, founder and chief technology officer at Sysdig. “Developers can spend hours testing a dashboard or an exporter only to find that it has issues. By validating, improving, and documenting, we hope to grow expertise across the community, which improves Kubernetes visibility and security for everyone.”

Sysdig was founded on the belief that innovation is stifled when core technology is controlled by a single provider. The Sysdig business model depends on adding services and support on top of open source to enhance scalability, performance, and ease of use. As new integrations are added to PromCat, all enhancements and bug fixes are contributed back to the open source community.

With this belief in the power of open source, Sysdig has heavily invested in the community. The company introduced sysdig, the open source container troubleshooting project, in 2014. Since then, the company has created two additional open source tools — Falco and Sysdig Inspect — along with contributing to other open source projects, including Prometheus and eBPF. Falco, a CNCF incubation-level hosted project, is the only runtime security project in the CNCF.

Availability is now live and new validated integrations will continue to be added.

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