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IDC Research. The Business Value of Sysdig for Kubernetes and Containers

With the dramatic increase in cloud, application, and process complexities and massively distributed architectures, executives must maintain a high level of performance and security transparency across the full stack to reduce business risks and deliver expected business outcomes. Without this required transparency, IT executives expose the business to unnecessary risks and don’t have control over the applications that power customer loyalty. Click to learn more.


Falco in the open

One of the most successful aspects of Kubernetes is how functional the open source community was able to operate. Kubernetes…


Sysdig Secure Red Hat OpenShift Brief

Sysdig Secure adds critical layers of security to Red Hat OpenShift environments, enabling enterprises to enhance their security posture and better meet regulatory compliance. Click to learn more.


Sysdig Platform for Red Hat OpenShift Brief

Cloud-Native visibility + security for Red Hat OpenShift. Deliver the benefits of cloud-native faster, with less risk. Sysdig delivers end-to-end visibility + security for OpenShift. Click to learn more.


Red Hat OpenShift Monitor Brief

Cloud-Native monitoring, alerting +troubleshooting for Red Hat OpenShift. Sysdig delivers full-stack monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting for OpenShift. Click to learn more.


IDC Business Value Snapshot: Sysdig

Sysdig customers are realizing significant value by leveraging the Sysdig Cloud-Native Visibility and Security Platform to improve their Kubernetes and container monitoring and security operations. Click to learn more.