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On-Demand Webinar

Getting Started with Runtime Security for Containers & Kubernetes

As cloud native technologies mature, security is becoming an important concern for DevOps. In this talk, we’ll share an overview of runtime security, discuss different approaches used by tools today and hear directly from Stella Connect how they got started quickly without impacting developer productivity.


Need to Extend Prometheus Monitoring?

Dynamic, container-based environments can be a challenge for monitoring cloud-native applications. While Prometheus is gaining rapid developer adoption as the open-source monitoring standard, scaling beyond a few clusters can be challenging. Click to learn more.


Detect CVE-2020-8557 using Falco

A new vulnerability, CVE-2020-8557, has been detected in kubelet. It can be exploited by writing into /etc/hosts to cause a…


Securing Kubernetes Checklist

Kubernetes has become the de facto operating system of the cloud. Fifty-four percent of containers live for five minutes or less1, which makes investigating anomalous behavior and breaches extremely challenging. This checklist to provide guidance on choosing your approach to security as you ramp up the use of containers and Kubernetes.

On-Demand Webinar

Building Healthy Cloud Native Software

Hear a candid and thoughtful conversation with Sysdig’s Founder/CTO and Chief Open Source Advocate about open source maturation during the rise of Kubernetes. You also will learn some best practices for the healthy coexistence of open source and commercial tools inside a single company.