Serverless Security from Source to Run

Get a single view of risk for serverless cloud computing.

Securing Serverless Containers on AWS Fargate
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Confidently Run Serverless Workloads

Serverless computing frees you to focus on apps instead of infrastructure but can leave you blind to threats. Sysdig unified cloud and container security eliminates security blind spots with serverless solutions like AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Run.

Find and prioritize vulnerabilities

Automate image scanning for serverless containers in your cloud environment. Prioritize vulnerabilities based on runtime context and risk.

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Identify suspicious activity across serverless workloads with threat detection based on open source Falco.

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Automate cloud and container compliance for PCI, NIST, SOC2, FedRAMP, and more. Quickly identify and fix misconfigurations.

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Scale serverless workload and infrastructure monitoring with full Prometheus compatibility to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster.

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Serverless Computing Integrations

Take advantage of our integrations with serverless services like AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Run for a single view of risk from source to run with no blind spots, no guesswork, and no black boxes.

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