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Deep visibility for AKS, EKS, GKE, and cloud services

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Monitor Cloud Kubernetes Environments

Sysdig Monitor provides deep visibility into Kubernetes clusters, namespaces, workloads, pods, and containers no matter which cloud platform you are running on. Maximize the performance and availability of your services running on AWS, Azure, GCP. Sysdig Monitor can help reduce cloud costs by providing the visibility needed to optimize cloud capacity and resource usage.

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Containers as a Service (CaaS)



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Customer Spotlight

SAP Concur

SAP Concur delivers secure, compliant solutions to more than 50 million end-users by using hybrid cloud infrastructure with Sysdig.


Gini increases developer efficiency, eases compliance burdens, and reduces risk for hybrid cloud infrastructure with Sysdig.

LogDNA logo

LogDNA uses Sysdig to manage cloud security, reduce MTTR by 50%+, and accelerate delivery of software services on Amazon EKS.


Worldpay by FIS deploys Sysdig to achieve PCI compliance and reduce operational overhead 50% with OpenShift on AWS.

“At the beginning, we used AWS CloudWatch and other AWS graphs, but we had to make our own dashboards and that required a lot more work just to monitor those tools. Sysdig automatically gave us dashboards out-of-the-box for ElasticSearch and all of the other databases we already had. Since Sysdig hooks into our AWS account, we also get Amazon RDS and Postgres data. And all of that is just there, no work is required for us to see it. With Sysdig, it is just done for us.”

Thyrus Gorges, DevOps Engineer, Pike13

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