Kubernetes Monitoring

Deep visibility into Kubernetes health and performance

Kubernetes Monitoring Checklist

Sysdig Monitor is Built for Kubernetes

Inspect every aspect of your Kubernetes Clusters, from capacity to control plane, so you can see what is really happening and avoid potential problems. Our detailed dashboards and alerts are ready to go right out-of-the-box, so you can start optimizing your environment instantly.

Kubernetes Monitoring Use Cases

Cluster Availability and Capacity

Sysdig Monitor not only shows you the current status of your Kubernetes clusters, but also where you might be over-allocated or underutilized. Take the guesswork out of your planning process with detailed information for hybrid, multi-cloud, and stand-alone environments.


Sysdig Monitor can automatically detect the services you are using to support your environment. You can select the services you want to monitor and easily deploy Prometheus exporters to make sure you are seeing service metrics that support your applications and infrastructure.

Supported Platforms

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Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine

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IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS)

Kubernetes Control Plane

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Supported Applications and Services

“Sysdig makes it easy for us to diagnose where a problem is. … I just go into Sysdig, click a dashboard, and right there it will tell me what is going on. It saves a large amount of time knowing where to go immediately, instead of having to do a lot of research to know where to even start.”

Thyrus Gorges, Pike 13

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Kubernetes monitoring?

A: Kubernetes monitoring is the practice of using a tool to inspect the availability and performance of Kubernetes clusters, namespaces, workloads, pods, and control plane. The goal is to ensure the health of applications running on top of cloud native infrastructure.

Q: Why is Kubernetes monitoring essential?

A: Due to the fact that containers are dynamic and ephemeral, using Kubernetes for modern applications dramatically increases the number of entities and metrics collected. A Kubernetes monitoring tool like Sysdig Monitor can help correlate metrics and events to help identify problems quickly.

Q: How does Kubernetes monitoring work?

A: Effective Kubernetes monitoring provides the ability to collect and visualize all aspects of the Kubernetes environment. Then SREs and developers can analyze the health and performance of the infrastructure they depend on to run their applications.

Q: What is a Kubernetes monitoring tool?

A: A Kubernetes monitoring tool provides the ability to collect and visualize all aspects of the Kubernetes environment including containers, services, and the Kubernetes control plane.

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