Custom Metrics

Collect custom metrics using Prometheus, StatsD, and JMX to increase visibility

Kubernetes Monitoring Checklist

Why custom metrics?

Custom metrics are critically important when it comes to understanding both infrastructure performance and business outcomes. With the explosion of microservices, organizations need a way to collect, store, correlate, and analyze metrics that are unique to your infrastructure and applications.

Custom Metrics Use Cases

StatsD Metric Collection

The StatsD stack is one of the most popular monitoring solutions to instrument your code using custom metrics. Sysdig Monitor makes collecting StatsD metrics easy with an embedded StatsD collector. This way you can just point your library at our agent and see all your metrics in the context that is most helpful for you using PromQL or our form based user interface.

How It Works

The most prominent sources of custom metrics are Prometheus, JMX, and statsd. With easy custom metric collection, Sysdig Monitor provides you the ability to see everything in context and query all your metrics including JMX and StatsD with PromQL for faster, unified analysis.


Custom Metric How It Works

“With Sysdig we have a single place with a common language ... Let's say the CFO is having some questions about our infrastructure, we can bring up Sysdig and show our dashboards.”

Juan Morales, DevOps engineer at Quby

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