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Prometheus Monitoring

Open source Prometheus helps developers efficiently instrument code for nearly any metric to gain insight into application use and performance.

Prometheus adoption often begins with the developer community and as apps roll to production, monitoring takes on even more importance. At scale and in production, enterprise organizations begin to require global metric views, long-term data retention, and high availability in addition to features like access control.


Prometheus metrics add a valuable dimension to cloud-native monitoring. Its multi-dimensional data model gives developers the ability to incorporate monitoring hooks for visibility into applications in highly dynamic service-oriented architectures.

Sysdig provides enterprise-grade Prometheus monitoring

  • Automatic collection of Prometheus metrics
  • A highly scalable platform
  • A powerful way to aggregate, query, and visualize metric data and events


Sysdig Monitor combines and correlates Prometheus metrics with other metric types, like JMX, StatsD, default application and system metrics along with orchestration events to provide a robust 360-degree view of your enterprise applications and infrastructure.

Sysdig gives you the freedom to continue monitoring legacy applications using existing tooling while focusing Prometheus instrumentation on your newest developments.


Today, data is critical for identifying trends and helping guide future decisions. Sysdig helps Prometheus users avoid the compromise of deleting metric data because of server capacity concerns.

Sysdig provides a hyperscale backend based on modern distributed systems design. Prometheus users are able to maintain higher-resolution metrics for longer, helping you do valuable time and trend comparisons.

Looking for a more maintenance-free approach? Our SaaS offering lets you take advantage of a fully-managed, cloud-based solution for maintaining all of your metrics. This frees you to focus on the work of instrumenting your apps with Prometheus to get the right metrics.


For governance and compliance, controlling access to your systems – including your monitoring solution – is key. Sysdig offers Prometheus users several capabilities designed for enterprise users to ensure security and control. Integration with LDAP directory services and Single Sign On (SSO) simplifies user setup and access control.

With Sysdig you can also isolate data without deploying isolated infrastructure. Sysdig Teams give you fine-grained permissions to lock down access to individual hosts, services, namespaces, containers, and more – all within a single managed system. This combined with enterprise class data management, scale, integrations, and support gives Prometheus users unparalleled flexibility for monitoring and troubleshooting large, complex environments.

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