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Detect threats and anomalous activity across containers, hosts, Kubernetes and cloud with Falco open source security.

Building Honeypots with vcluster and Falco: Episode II


This is part two in our series on building honeypots with Falco, vcluster, and other assorted open source tools. For...

Getting started with runtime security and Falco


Discover how to get started with Falco to overcome the challenges of implementing runtime security for cloud-native workloads. If you...

Falco vs. AuditD from the HIDS perspective


In this blog, we will compare and contrast Falco vs. AuditD from a Host Intrusion Detection (HIDS) perspective. AuditD is...

Sysdig Celebrates Falco Graduation Within Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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With over 100 million downloads and contributions from companies like IBM, Apple, and Booz Allen Hamilton, Falco is the threat...

Detecting MITRE ATT&CK: Privilege escalation with Falco


The privilege escalation category inside MITRE ATT&CK covers quite a few techniques an adversary can use to escalate privileges inside...

Comparing GuardDuty & Falco on EKS


Read about the differences between Amazon GuardDuty and Falco for Amazon EKS to better understand what each tool does, the threats detected, and the metadata available for forensic analysis.

Celebrating Falco’s Journey to CNCF Graduation


Celebrating Falco Graduation Today, we are proud to celebrate Falco’s graduation within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Graduation marks...

ChatGPT as your Falco Consultant


Can OpenAI ChatGPT become a contributor for an open source project like Falco? Is this the end of GitHub Copilot?...

How to detect TOR network connections with Falco


TOR was created with the idea of anonymizing connections across the Internet, but as in other instances, this can be...

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