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Serverless security and monitoring with Sysdig Secure DevOps platform helps you confidently run serverless workloads across cloud environments.

ECS Fargate threat modeling


AWS Fargate is a technology that you can use with Amazon ECS to run containers without having to manage servers...

Sysdig Adds Runtime Detection and Response to Secure AWS Fargate Serverless Containers

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Deep visibility across containers and cloud, along with detailed audit trails required for effective incident response SAN FRANCISCO, KubeCon +...

Monitoring AWS Fargate with Prometheus and Sysdig


In this article, we will show how it’s easily possible to monitor AWS Fargate with Sysdig Monitor. By leveraging existing...

Automate Fargate image scanning


Discover how to automate AWS Fargate image scanning directly in your AWS environment and block vulnerabilities from reaching production, among...

Sysdig Boosts AWS Security with the First Automated Inline Scanning for Fargate

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Sysdig also adds threat detection using AWS CloudTrail with open source Falco SAN FRANCISCO – September 29, 2020 — Sysdig,...

Falco Support on AWS Fargate


Today we’re very excited to announce a partnership with Amazon to support Fargate in Sysdig’s product line. We are also...

Securing AWS Fargate workloads: Meeting File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) requirements


Securing AWS Fargate serverless workloads can be tricky as AWS does not provide much detail about the internal workings. After...

ECS, Fargate and EKS (Kubernetes on AWS) compared and explained in a nutshell


Amazon has just announced on AWS re:Invent two new services relevant on the container ecosystem: Fargate and EKS (Elastic Kubernetes...

Digging into AWS Fargate runtime security approaches: Beyond ptrace and LD_PRELOAD


Fargate offers a great value proposition to AWS users: forget about virtual machines and just provision containers. Amazon will take...

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