Beekeeper Serves Up Secure Communications, Data, and Applications Across Cloud Environments with Sysdig

By Nate Magee - MAY 3, 2022


Beekeeper is known as one of the world’s top platforms for helping remote employees stay connected with their customers, other front-line workers, and the data they need to be successful. Through the company’s platform, employees can gain access to training, forms, and other work-based resources that require flawless access every time.

Sysdig Customer Use Case - Beekeeper - Download Now

Understanding DevOps and security best practices, the company’s security team and engineers teamed up to deploy Sysdig, and align processes across workflows and multiple clouds, including AWS and GCP. The key was to deliver each team the same visibility and tools to lead them to consistent policies and a holistic picture of cloud risk.

“Security is our absolute number-one priority when it comes to creating and delivering unique employee experiences,” says Michal Pazucha, Security Architect at Beekeeper. “As our customers are sharing and collecting information, we have to provide all of the safeguards necessary for them to function optimally and moderate risk as much as possible.”

In our recent interview with the Beekeeper team, they walked us through their journey from being Falco-based and transitioning to the Sysdig platform. Along the way, the team discussed how the company was able to rapidly mature its processes, as well as how the company has pivoted from tedious, manual processes to highly automated ones that help save time and enable staff to focus on its core mission – delivering highly engaging business apps.

With Sysdig, Beekeeper can:

  • Use a single platform between the security and DevOps teams to secure and monitor app health
  • Ship apps faster and with confidence in their app security
  • Pinpoint issues and potential threats faster
  • Free up engineering and security resources to focus on core business functions with automation
  • Accelerate and streamline compliance with simpler, more robust reporting

To read the full story, download it now.

Sysdig Customer Use Case - Beekeeper - Download Now

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