Secure DevOps at the Edge with Sysdig and IBM

By Eric Carter - MAY 5, 2020


Secure DevOps at the Edge with Sysdig and IBM

Innovative companies are looking to take advantage of cloud-native technologies beyond the data center to deliver faster innovation and competitive advantage at the edge. Recognizing the need for a common approach to create, deploy, run, secure, monitor, maintain and scale business logic and analytics applications wherever your business takes you, IBM today announced its edge computing offerings, including the IBM Edge Application Manager. Sysdig is honored to be a collaborator in the IBM Edge Ecosystem to bring the advantages of secure DevOps to enterprises mobilizing Kubernetes workloads at the edge.

The IBM Edge Application Manager is an autonomous management solution designed to enable AI, analytics and IoT workloads to be deployed and remotely managed, delivering real-time analysis and insight at scale – more than 10,000 edge devices simultaneously. Edge endpoints run on the Red Hat OpenShift enterprise Kubernetes orchestration platform or Docker devices, giving you choice and flexibility to extend from any public and private cloud to any edge server and device.

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“The convergence of 5G and edge computing will spark a new level of innovation,” says Evaristus Mainsah, general manager, IBM Cloud Pak Ecosystem. “And this in turn will enable and fuel a broad ecosystem of collaborators to co-create for a growing set of edge opportunities. We are excited about the value that our collaboration with Sysdig can bring to our joint clients needing secure DevOps at the edge.”

Delivering enterprise applications and data workloads closer to the front lines of business at the edge of the network brings the possibility of a new wave of innovation beyond the corporate office. However, computing at the edge brings with it a new set of challenges. IBM has brought together providers focused on delivering interoperable solutions for edge computing to anticipate and eliminate these barriers.

Accelerating Innovation with IBM & Sysdig

Edge locations – whether regional centers, remote offices or locations like manufacturing plants, oil fields, ships at sea or even vehicles on the road – have a growing number of connected devices. These remote “installations” often lack the staff and expertise to effectively manage application security, performance and availability, putting data and productivity at risk. The Sysdig Secure DevOps platform uniquely addresses these challenges while helping enterprises ship cloud-native applications faster to the edge.

Sysdig helps across the entire lifecycle from development through production by embedding security, compliance and performance into your DevOps workflows. A unified set of capabilities like image scanning, runtime security, and monitoring enables you to confidently operate cloud-native workloads at scale. We’ve built our solutions on an open core using, for example, Falco, the first open source cloud‐native runtime security project (contributed by Sysdig), and Prometheus – both CNCF projects. As a result, our users benefit from community innovation and speed.

Whether in the data center or at the edge, the ability to observe health, performance and security, as well as to take action to reduce risk and ensure efficiency is critical. Our efforts with IBM are founded around the need for consistent tooling to help meet these requirements. For example, we’ve delivered IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig for observability and troubleshooting of infrastructure, services and applications on the IBM public cloud. In addition, Sysdig is offered alongside IBM Cloud Paks, built on OpenShift, including the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Manager to deliver the benefits of Kubernetes-native security, monitoring and troubleshooting.

With our sights now set on edge computing environments, our goal is to help users ship cloud applications destined for the edge faster, maximize performance, meet availability SLAs, and better manage cloud security risk everywhere.

Ensuring security and performance at the edge

If you’re considering adopting a cloud-native approach to your edge computing, thinking through how you’ll protect these deployments and ensure performance is an important first step. As you build your applications, how will you identify and resolve vulnerabilities before pushing to production?

One of the advantages of working with containers and orchestration for edge computing is that apps and services can be centrally developed yet used to deliver edge-local services. This means you can take advantage of modern DevOps CI/CD processes to drive continuous innovation for any location or device. At Sysdig, we help you identify threats and provide safeguards in your CI/CD pipeline without slowing your speed of innovation and application delivery.

Image vulnerability reporting

Image vulnerability reporting

Once in production, how will you understand the behavior of services running on edge servers and devices of all shapes and sizes? Our lightweight instrumentation collects detailed telemetry, event details and incident records without overloading your connected devices. This data, enriched with Kubernetes and cloud context, gives cloud teams a clear view into operations – even if admins are sitting thousands of miles away. With edge computing, where services are even more distributed, being able to apply precise context is important for troubleshooting consistently and accurately.

Resource metric visualizations

Resource metric visualizations

Enterprises who operate geographically dispersed edge computing outposts will also benefit from the ability to observe, manage and secure the entire landscape without requiring a local admin resource. WIth Sysdig, you can push policies to the edge and automatically detect anomalous behavior and block security threats. This means that for locations where latency between edge and data center or cloud is a concern, your business is still protected.

Additionally, when inevitable issues do arise, what if you could easily understand what’s happening (or what happened), and where, without jumping on an airplane for a fly-and-fix mission? Sysdig’s detailed incident records will help you identify the root cause, even for an environment in which containers may be destroyed or edge devices disconnected.

Container activity auditing

Container activity auditing

Innovate at the Edge

Edge computing creates tremendous opportunities for new products, platforms and experiences in every industry. As we engage with IBM and other edge ecosystem partners to embrace IBM Edge Application Manager and build a standardized approach, our goal is to help you effectively secure and monitor workloads and infrastructure where the action is taking place, whether at the edge, in the data center, or on the public cloud. In doing so, we expect to eliminate roadblocks to innovation and to help you capitalize on business opportunities wherever they may be, anywhere in the world.

To learn more about Sysdig and our approach to secure DevOps, hop over to our platform page or request a demo. We’ll help you get started today.

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