Sysdig and PagerDuty: a Superior Alerting Experience

By Knox Anderson - MAY 18, 2020


Pagerduty and Sysdig alerting

One of the most common ways that users interact with Sysdig (and all monitoring tools, really) is through alerts. You get a notification that something is wrong – hopefully before you hear about it from your users – and you need to go investigate. We’ve worked hard to make this alert-response experience as smooth and intuitive as possible in Sysdig.

We take pride that our customers report massive improvements in mean time to resolution when they’re troubleshooting (think 10X+). Along these lines, to help teams respond quickly, we’ve integrated with PagerDuty for alert notifications.

Our integration with PagerDuty is one of the most used integrations within the Sysdig platform. By hooking up your Sysdig account to your PagerDuty account, you can automatically route Sysdig-generated notifications directly through PagerDuty. This lets you manage your on-call duty and route all your alerts accordingly, from one central location.

We’ve taken our integration with PagerDuty one step further by linking notification status across the two apps. Now, Sysdig doesn’t just push notifications to PagerDuty, we’ll also automatically keep the status of that notification up to date!

Status of notifications in Sysdig Monitor is tracked in two ways:

  • First off, if a threshold condition resolves to an acceptable state, then a notification will automatically be moved to an “OK” status. This way you still have a record of the issue, but you know that your system is no longer in an alert-worthy state.
  • Second, you can manually resolve any notification as well. This way, if you’ve investigated a situation, or are otherwise not concerned for any reason, you can dismiss the notification, and clear up your alert dashboard.

You can of course sort all of your notifications by status within Sysdig Monitor, so that only the most important will filter to the top:

And now, with this feature, if any notification is resolved in Sysdig Monitor, we will automatically push the resolved status of the alert to PagerDuty. This way you can keep your PagerDuty notifications list clean, and not have to interface with the same notification in multiple places.

The design of this feature is based on conversations we’ve had with many current Sysdig Monitor users about their preferred workflows with PagerDuty. We’re always looking to improve though, and will be continuing to add new features based on feedback going forward.

If you’d like to give Sysdig a shot, please don’t hesitate to sign up for a free trial above! If you’re already a PagerDuty user, you’ll hit the ground running.

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