Sysdig Stands Alone: GigaOm Names Sysdig a Leader and Outperformer for Cloud Workload Security

By Nick Fisher - JANUARY 16, 2024


If you follow cloud security, you know the market can be challenging to navigate, as security needs are often complex, span multiple teams, and demand new processes to pair with the expanding roster of technologies

Fortunately, the market is starting to mature and coalesce around unifying cloud security technologies that bring together visibility across cloud infrastructure, containers, hosts, and identities. The nature of cloud attacks requires it, as threat actors will often gain entry and quickly move laterally to carry out their goals. 

It’s clear that the next generation of cloud security requires the unification of prevention with detection and response.

The evolving vendor landscape

The cloud journey requires a security strategy designed for the expanded attack surface and interconnected nature of the cloud, which is where many vendors miss the mark. Traditional Windows-based approaches aren’t easily ported to Linux environments. Containers are ephemeral and require new instrumentation and workflows for detection and investigation. The way apps are built in the cloud results in an explosion of vulnerability noise that hinders app development. 

So what are vendors doing in the market? Legacy EDR vendors are scrambling to adapt to the cloud, CSPM point solutions are trying to figure out threat detection, and security architects are left to stitch it all together and scale it out to the various stakeholders. 

GigaOm brings clarity to this chaos with their inaugural Cloud Workload Security Radar report. The report highlights how the cloud security market has evolved and is now “driven by the need for robust, feature-rich platforms capable of addressing diverse and complex security needs. Sysdig stands out as an Outperformer in this group.”

The report compares the major players in the space, from point solutions that are more “feature plays” to unified platforms. The report reveals Sysdig as a Leader and Outperformer, achieving the highest rating of any vendor.  

“Sysdig is positioned as a Leader and Outperformer in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant due to its exceptional hybrid environment support and superior workload detection and response capabilities. The recent addition of generative AI with Sysdig Sage should further enhance its already robust offerings.”

We’re proud of this recognition and as it reflects the value our customers have seen from unifying their cloud security solutions with Sysdig.

Here’s a breakdown of key features across vendors:

GigaOm Names Sysdig a Leader and the ONLY Outperformer for Cloud Workload Security

The power of runtime insights for securing the cloud

Increasingly, organizations are seeing the value of bringing together all aspects of cloud security. Sysdig’s Cloud Attack Graph, powered by runtime insights, underpins the platform to deliver:

  • Real-time detection of security events. 
  • Prioritization of what to fix based on what is in use.
  • Identification of risky combinations across environments using multi-domain correlation
  • Advanced AI for higher fidelity detections and simple plain language queries of the graph.

Customers choose Sysdig to be their strategic business partner for cloud security — across prevention, detection, and response.

For those focused on securing their overall container and Kubernetes environment, we’re also proud to have been named a leader in container security.

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