Automate & Accelerate Security Response

Tines offers a smart, secure workflow platform that bypasses the need for programming skills, delivering powerful workflows for security teams.

Sysdig and Tines seamlessly integrate advanced cloud and container security with intelligent automation to provide a complete solution from security alert to remediation.

Key benefits of integrating Sysdig and Tines include:

  • Holistic Security Operations: Sysdig’ real-time threat detection, vulnerability management, and posture management for cloud environments, complemented by Tines’ automated incident response workflows provides a comprehensive approach to security and response.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: Tines’ automation, coupled with Sysdig security insights, accelerates incident response, reducing manual effort and enabling security teams to scale their impact effectively.
  • No-code Adaptability: Tines’ intelligence-driven no-code automation integrates seamlessly with Sysdig, offering a flexible and responsive security ecosystem to adapt swiftly to evolving threats.
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