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Breaking down firewalls with BPFDoor (no e!) – How to detect it with Falco


BPF (not eBPF), typically viewed from a defender/sysadmin’s perspective, provides easy access to network packets and the ability to take...

Threat news: TeamTNT targeting misconfigured kubelet


TeamTNT is a prevalent threat actor who has been targeting cloud and virtual environments such as Kubernetes and Docker since...

Securing Google Cloud Run serverless workloads


Google Cloud Run is a serverless compute platform that automatically scales your stateless containers. In this post we are going...

Sysdig Identifies a Cloud-Native Security Crossroads: Best Practices vs. Convenience and Speed


Sysdig’s seventh annual Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report identifies how customers are developing, using, and securing cloud-native applications and environments....

Detecting suspicious activity on AWS using cloud logs


AWS offers a large spectrum of services and compute. The “shared responsibility” model in cloud presents a simplified structure of...

Discovered new BYOF technique to cryptomining with PRoot


The Sysdig Threat Research Team (TRT) recently discovered threat actors leveraging an open source tool called PRoot to expand the...

Getting started with runtime security and Falco


Discover how to get started with Falco to overcome the challenges of implementing runtime security for cloud-native workloads. If you...

5 Steps to Stop the Latest OpenSSL Vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-3602, CVE-2022-3786


The OpenSSL Project team announced two HIGH severity vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-3602, CVE-2022-3786) on Oct. 25, which affect all OpenSSL v3 versions...

Runtime Is The Way


The cloud security market has been totally bizarre ever since it started. Why are we being given a python script...

What’s New in Sysdig – January 2024


Happy New Year! My name is Zain Ghani. I’m a Customer Solutions Architect based in Austin, Texas, and I’m excited...

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