Sysdig Appoints Apurva Davé as Chief Marketing Officer

JULY 23, 2018


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. July 23, 2018Sysdig, Inc. the cloud-native intelligence company, today announced Apurva Davé has been named chief marketing officer (CMO) at Sysdig. After serving more than two years as the vice president (VP) of marketing at Sysdig, he will now oversee global marketing strategy. Davé reports directly to Suresh Vasudevan, CEO and president of Sysdig.

“Apurva’s deep understanding of the challenges that enterprises face as they transition to cloud-native platforms, coupled with his proven ability to lead makes expanding his role an obvious choice,” said Vasudevan. “As enterprises build their next generation application platforms, they need guidance in developing a reliable, scalable strategy for this new world. Apurva has been instrumental in developing Sysdig’s approach of building awareness through open source tools and education that enterprises need in this journey. I’m confident that in his new role, Apurva will focus on communicating the Sysdig advantage and help us build on our success as the leading cloud-native intelligence platform.”

Why Sysdig?
Last quarter, Sysdig released the 2018 Docker Usage Report, a comparison of how a broad cross-section of vertical industries and companies have been adopting and using Docker in their environments over the previous 12 months. It found that 95% of containers live less than a week. Containers are easily deployable, good for repeatability, and enable systems to be designed to scale with demand, because they live only as long as they add value. The ability to develop faster is also driving increased container adoption. The report found that there has been a 50% increase in container density, signifying containers are providing more value and an increase in container utilization.

Hundreds of enterprises have come to depend on Sysdig to secure and monitor millions of containers and microservices in production, while millions more rely on Sysdig open source security and troubleshooting tools. Dozens of enterprises with $1 Billion or more in revenue are Sysdig customers today. That includes two of the largest cable companies in North America, multiple top 10 global governments, and a top five global investment bank. Davé has been with Sysdig for more than three years, and he has supported the growth firsthand.

“It has been rewarding to help drive this transformation towards cloud-native environments as the foundation for modern applications,” said Davé. “Since day one, I saw how Sysdig enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of containers and the cloud without the risk that comes with new technology or the cost of legacy approaches. Between the technology and our exceptional team, I’m confident Sysdig will continue its phenomenal growth and I’m excited to be a part of this fundamental shift in how applications are developed and delivered.”

About Apurva Davé
Prior to joining Sysdig, Davé was the VP of marketing and founding member of the management team at Jut, a streaming analytics data stack company. Prior to Jut, Davé was with Riverbed Technology from 2005, where he held several positions, including VP of product marketing and product management. His last role there was general manager of the Stingray business unit. Davé also spent time at FastForward Networks, provider of software for internet services, which was acquired by Inktomi, an internet infrastructure company.

Davé holds B.A. degrees in Computer Science and Organizational Behavior from Brown University and a MBA from the Haas School of Business, a University of California Berkeley college. Davé spends his time outside of the office advising two companies, Women Who Ask, an organization focused on helping women get paid what they are worth and strengthen negotiation skills, and Funworks, a creative agency built around extreme collaboration and design thinking.

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