Sysdig Announces Enterprise-grade Software for Container Monitoring

JUNE 20, 2016


San Francisco, CA -June 21, 2016 – Today, Sysdig announces the availability of container monitoring software designed for enterprises to deploy entirely within their private clouds or in their virtual private clouds. Sysdig’s new software has already been adopted by Fortune 500 enterprises and organizations across multiple verticals.

“Containers have rapidly taken hold in enterprises as the next generation application and microservice infrastructure platform,” said Loris Degioanni, CEO and founder of Sysdig. “We’re happy to provide flexibility and greater security for organizations by providing our container-native monitoring technology as on-premise software, in addition to our existing cloud offering.”

“We were looking for a modern monitoring and alerting solution that we could use across our micro-services based docker infrastructure. Given our strict compliance requirements, a software solution that runs on premise and provides end-to-end visibility was a better fit compared to a cloud solution. Sysdig gave us both the functionality and the deployment model that we needed,” Paarth Patel, Head of TechOps for Collective Health.

Broad Sysdig adoption in the enterprise

As Gartner notes, “The rapid adoption of container and associated technologies by developers in large enterprises will have a huge impact on the I&O organization in 2016 and beyond.”

Sysdig is seeing this trend materialize. Sysdig’s technology is broadly deployed across organizations of all sizes. Its open source technology is used by hundreds of thousands of developers and sysadmins around the world, while its more recently introduced commercial solutions are used in hundreds of enterprises.

Much like containers themselves, Sysdig enterprise software is seeing broad adoption across verticals. Sysdig’s new software offering is already deployed across:

  • A Fortune 500 telecommunications equipment provider
  • An international biotechnology firm
  • A large government agency
  • One of the world’s largest media companies

This rapid adoption speaks both to the disruptive nature of containerization, the move to microservices, and the robustness of Sysdig’s container monitoring software.

Sysdig Container-Native Monitoring Software

“Many enterprises have large existing data center investments,” said Apurva Dave, vice president of marketing at Sysdig. “A combination of these existing capital investments, security requirements, and compliance requirements are compelling enterprises to build internal platforms-as-a-service (PaaS). Enterprises are demanding monitoring solutions that can run alongside their PaaS infrastructure, as opposed to running in the vendor’s cloud.”

Sysdig provides robust software for monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting containerized applications and the microservices built on top of them. Sysdig’s unique exploration capabilities also provide pre-built monitoring dashboards to quickly analyze the performance of hosts, containers, and even the applications running inside containers. Sysdig scales this capability to tens of thousands of containers across any number of clouds.

Sysdig’s patent‐pending ContainerVision™ technology provides deep, request‐level visibility inside containers without invasive instrumentation. It gives instant visibility to infrastructure, containers, and even the applications running inside them. This approach succeeds where legacy monitoring fails, and at the same time makes monitoring containerized applications and microservices simpler and more robust.

Sysdig also provides deep integration with the infrastructure that supports container deployments. “Whether customers are using Kubernetes, Mesos, Openshift, or internally-developed container management software, Sysdig can leverage its ability to deeply understand orchestration metadata to effectively monitor microservices built on containers,” says Chris Crane, Sysdig’s vice president of product. “Sysdig can also be used in hybrid cloud situations, providing consistent visibility across Amazon, Google, and Azure in addition to private clouds.”


Sysdig on-premise software is available immediately. Visit for more information.

Reference: Gartner

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