Sysdig Secure

Cloud and on-prem offerings to meet your security requirements.

Pro Cloud

  • 30 containers / host
  • Single Sign On
  • Hosted Service


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Annual commitment required

Pro Software

  • Customized containers
  • Single Sign On + LDAP
  • Flexible Deployment Options


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Annual & minimum commitment required

Want to bundle Sysdig Secure and Sysdig Monitor?
Contact us to get both products with a one agent and one backend.

Feature Guide

* connotes a customizable option
Pro Cloud
Pro Software
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Policy Enforcement
Application-based activity
Host-based activity
Containers-based activity
Services-based activity Kubernetes, Docker, Openshift, Mesos AWS ECS, GKE, Azure Container Service Kubernetes, Docker, Openshift, Mesos AWS ECS, GKE, Azure Container Service
Network-based activity
Data Retention
Event History 3 Months Customizable
Command History 2 Weeks Customizable
Captures Customizable Customizable
Alerts and Actions
Stop Container
Pause Container
Forensics Capture
Deployment & Controls
LDAP Integration
Single-Sign On SAML, Google Authentication, OpenID SAML, Google Authentication, OpenID
API Access
On-Demand Agents
Cloud Deployment
On-Premise Installation Sysdig Packaged Install, Kubernetes, Openshift
Airgapped Installation
Training Videos
Technical Support Email & Phone Email & Phone
Training Sessions * 2 Private Sessions 5 Private Sessions
Live Chat
Dedicated Success Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can contact us to get a demo of Sysdig Secure to see if it meets your organization’s needs.

Nope! There’s no additional configuration needed to get monitoring metrics if you’ve installed the Sysdig agent. We’ll automatically collect system, network, application, and custom metrics (StatsD, Prometheus, JMX) and allow you to visualize, alert, and troubleshoot with them.

Sysdig Secure is licensed annually on a per host basis. If you are an existing Sysdig Monitor customer we have upgrade paths for you. On-demand agents are available for dynamic environments with Sysdig Secure Pro Cloud. Volume discounts are available.

Like a boss. In fact, we’re quite confident that you’ve never seen a monitoring tool do what we can do with your orchestrator. We automatically find and poll your orchestrator for metadata about your deployment. This allows us to then aggregate your monitoring data on-the-fly to give you smarter, microservice-based views of your resources, instead of just physical host/ip/container views.

Yes! One of the huge advantages of the Sysdig Intelligence Platform for customers is a single instrumentation point for unified monitoring and security. Contact us to find out more about pricing.