Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security

Manage risk when configuring cloud infrastructure and shift security further left with Infrastructure as code (IaC) security. Strengthen cloud and Kubernetes security, and compliance, by using policy as code via Open Policy Agent (OPA). Auto-remediate drift to close the gap from production to source. Fix issues faster with risk-based prioritization.

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Security from Source to Production

Code Based OP

Apply policy as code based on OPA

Automate compliance and governance across multiple IaC, cloud, and Kubernetes environments.

Auto Remediate Drift

Auto-remediate drift between source and production

Detect runtime drift and auto-remediate at the source with a simple pull-request.

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Prioritize issues
based on risk

Prioritize IaC fixes based on application context.

IaC Security and Auto-Remediation

Gain visibility into configuration risk pre-deployment

Scan for misconfigurations (i.e., overly permissive workload configurations) across IaC templates like Terraform, Helm, Kustomize, YAML, etc.

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