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Hands-On WorkshopLive Tour – North America

Google Cloud

Sysdig is proud to present the hands-on WorkshopLive series, developed with Google Cloud. Discover how cloud security powered by runtime insights helps you focus on the vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, permissions, and threats that matter the most. Experience the Sysdig difference for securing containers, Kubernetes and cloud services in this lightweight hands-on interactive workshop.

You’ll walk away with insight into the best practices for securing your Google Cloud environment. We will be leveraging Sysdig Secure, based on open-source Falco, and cover the fundamental use cases:

For shield right:

  • Detect, manage & respond to security threats in production/runtime
  • Vulnerability Management & Risk Prioritization using runtime insights

For shift left:

  • Manage vulnerabilities in the pipeline itself e.g. within GCR
  • Identify and resolve cloud / container misconfigurations to ensure compliance

Prerequisites: Some experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) operations and services. In this session you’ll provision a cloud account, a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster, and a Google Container Registry (GCR) with container images, in addition to creating and working within a Sysdig SaaS account.

BONUS: A chance to win $250

Practitioners who attend the Google Cloud WorkshopLive to completion, are eligible to win a $250 gift card.  A random drawing will be held and the winner will be given the gift card post event.


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