February 2020 cloud-native news

Hello, from all of us here at Sysdig! This month the buzz is again security, specifically automating it to ship applications faster. So don’t miss our use case on the subject, among the usual mix of highlights on the Cloud-native community.

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Automate security, ship applications faster

Cloud-native security keeps trending each month we sit to prepare this Newsletter. What can we learn about it from last month’s publications?

Security is here to stay

Every analyst saves some space for security in their articles, see the third point in these cloud-native predictions for 2020, and the last of these Kubernetes tips.

There is room for improvement

The AWS container security survey 2019, shows that only 17% of the respondents implemented runtime security.

New tools are designed with automation in mind

Some examples: Microsoft application inspector can find vulnerable points in your source code, Google Cloud Secret Manager helps you store and manage sensitive data, Google Config-Sync is configuration as code, and we just announced Sysdig inline image scanner for CircleCI.

Automating security is the key

Our conclusion from this exercise is that many companies are struggling to implement proper security, and automation might be what they need.

Here in Sysdig, we believe in the power of automation. Check out our Cloud-Native Ecosystem Integrations page and discover how Sysdig Secure can help your ship applications faster without compromising security. Request a demo today!

Industry buzz

Kubernetes operators: 4 facts to know

This article is a great introduction to what Kubernetes operators are and how they can be used to automate many infrastructure tasks.

Building resilience

What can we learn from safety-critical industries like aviation, healthcare or firefighting? Discover how to build resilience in this talk by @nickstenning

Are virtual machines dead?

Containers are often seen as the logical replacement for virtual machines. This article discusses some reasons why virtual machines will stay around for a while.

On a similar topic, check out this other approach to VMs: MicroVMs. Will they be the replacement of the current containers?

What’s new in the community?

Attacking and Defending Kubernetes

The know your enemy principle is a recommended approach to computer security. If you seek to improve your security skills, don’t miss this guide.

Want more? Check this other one from gitlab, focused on Google Cloud Platform:

Use GitHub actions at your own risk

Wow! Wait! Are GitHub actions insecure? Well, skipping the clickbait, this article reminds us of what we already knew for software libraries: Do pin your versions!

OpenShift Authentication Integration with ArgoCD

OpenShift and ArgoCD are the main characters of this guide, but there’s enough background context to get also started on GitOps and RBAC.

Know your containers

Want to deepen your containers knowledge? Here is our two-act suggestion. First, did you know you can build containers with tools other than Docker?

And second, what are the parts of a container manager? And, what can you learn from creating your own?

What’s New with Sysdig?

RBAC support with Sysdig Secure

Learn how to provide visibility to your Secure DevOps team while restricting access to sensitive features, like the container security policy configuration.

IBM and Sysdig team up to extend security governance

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management enables you to oversee multiple Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters regardless of where they run. Learn more about MCM and how tightly Sysdig Secure integrates with it.

Kubernetes limits and requests.

They are no longer a mystery after reading these articles. Learn what they are, and how to troubleshoot when they are not properly configured.

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