October 2020 cloud-native news

Hello, from all of us at Sysdig!

October is almost over and KubeCon North America is around the corner. It’s been such an exciting month in the cloud-native community! Here are our highlights.

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Customer spotlight

Read how SAP Concur delivers secure, compliant solutions to more than 50M end users globally.

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Learn what secure DevOps practices Yahoo Japan is introducing to prevent cyberattacks.

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Industry buzz

How Verizon Media turned to cloud native

Learn in this case study the challenges Verizon faced and how they solved them.

The biggest myths of multi-cloud

These ten points clarify when to consider multi-cloud.

Carbon-aware Kubernetes

Not all data centers are equally environmentally friendly. If this is a concern for your organization, here are some tips to guide you.

In other news…

NIST 800-53 compliance in containers & Kubernetes
Nov. 5 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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ISG Provider Lens™ Cloud Native Container Services 2020 Quadrant Report

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Community tips

Best practices to create secure container images

An introduction to Linux cgroups

Cgroups are at the heart of container security. Deepen your knowledge of this feature.

Running Falco and k3s at the edge with 64-bit ARM

Remember to secure your edge devices. Discover how easy it is with Falco on k3s.

We recently wrote a guide on the topic, focused on non-ARM devices.

Is your cluster winning, gamer?


What’s New with Sysdig?

Support for NIST 800-53 and SOC 2

Discover how Sysdig Secure out-of-the-box security assets and activity audit log can help you validate NIST 800-53 and SOC 2 compliance for containers and Kubernetes.

Understanding and mitigating CVE-2020-8563

Learn how to avoid leaking vSphere credentials in the cloud-controller-manager log.

How to monitor kube-proxy

Take a look at these key metrics and example PromQL alerts that will help you ensure the health of your cluster’s network.

Recent releases and ecosystem updates

Most Sysdig products received updates in the last days: Sysdig Secure, Sysdig Monitor, our Falco rules, new resources, and more. Read all about Sysdig interesting new features and ecosystem updates in our blog.


Stay safe. Meet us online:

NIST 800-53 compliance in containers & Kubernetes
Nov. 5 | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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Cards against containers for a holiday cause
Nov. 12 | 7pm CET | 1pm ET | 10am PT

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Secure DevOps virtual meetup Europe October
Oct. 29 | 12pm BST | 1pm CET

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How 3 enterprises solved Kubernetes security issues
Nov. 10 | 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern

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KubeCon 2020 North America
Nov. 17 ~ 20

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