Secure Docker from Source to Run

Get a single view of risk across Docker containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services

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Security and Visibility for Docker

Sysdig is driving the standard for unified cloud and container security, so customers can confidently secure containers and cloud services. Sysdig gives you real-time visibility at scale to reduce risk across Docker containers and multiple clouds, eliminating security blind spots.

single view

Get a single view of risk with no blind spots

Flag misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. See activity across Docker containers, clouds, and hosts. Accelerate threat investigation and map events to security frameworks (e.g. MITRE, NIST, PCI, SOC 2, etc.)


Prioritize what matters with no guesswork

Prioritize vulnerabilities using runtime context. Enable high fidelity threat detection based on machine learning (ML), and curated by Sysdig’s threat research team. Consolidate alerts and remediate with a simple pull request.

open source

Adopt open standards with no black boxes

Detect anomalies based on Falco cloud-native threat detection. Enforce security policies based on Open Policy Agent (OPA). Maximize coverage with customizable, community-sourced detection rules.

Security and Monitoring Use Cases for Docker

Prioritize vulnerabilities

Automate scanning within CI/CD pipelines and registries without Docker images leaving your environment. See all vulnerabilities across containers and hosts. Better prioritize vulnerabilities based on runtime context and risk.

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