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Live Webinar - Jul 8, 2021 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

Less is more – Scan containers and hosts in one workflow

Tired of manually tracking vulnerabilities across endless spreadsheets? Getting stuck with massive reports that don’t help you prioritize which CVEs you need to fix? What if you could manage vulns across containers and hosts in a single view? Join our session and dig yourself out of this hole with vulnerability scanning that checks all the boxes.

Live Webinar - Jul 22, 2021 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern

Preparing for the Certified K8s Security Specialist (CKS) Exam

Becoming a Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) is tough. The exam covers a broad range of topics about securing container- and Kubernetes-based apps, making it one of the most difficult Kubernetes certifications to achieve. Don’t go it alone! Join Sysdig and CNCF Ambassador Saiyam Pathak for this session — we’ll go beyond the basics and share expert advice so you can pass!

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On-Demand Webinar

Take the CKS Exam: Hands-on with Walid Shaari

There are questions on every exam that hold the highest weight and are the most challenging to solve. It’s no different for the exam to become a Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist. Join this hands-on keyboard session where Walid Shaari breaks down the six “killer” test problems and shares how to solve them.

On-Demand Webinar

Managing Hybrid Container Workloads with ECS/ECS Anywhere

Customers love Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) for its powerful simplicity and because it provides them a path to run containers at scale in an AWS-opinionated way. Join this Partner Roundtable to hear from AWS Partners and learn about the benefits of ECS Anywhere.

On-Demand Webinar

Securing Serverless Containers on AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a popular choice for running serverless containers, but runtime security is still a major challenge. Level up Fargate security with Sysdig! Join us and AWS to hear how you can confidently secure AWS Fargate serverless containers at scale.

On-Demand Webinar

Fighting Fraud – Worldpay Protects Cardholder Data

Safeguarding sensitive credit card data in a massively dynamic multi-cloud infrastructure is no walk in the park. Hear how global payment service provider, Worldpay, is achieving its mission of 100% cloud usage with PCI compliance from development through production. Utilizing a secure DevOps approach with Red Hat OpenShift and Sysdig, Worldpay achieves container security at scale – and so can you.

On-Demand Webinar

Top Dockerfile Best Practices

A well-crafted Dockerfile will avoid the need for privileged containers, unused packages, leaked credentials, or anything that can be used for an attack. In this webinar, we’ll go deep on Dockerfile best practices for image builds, so you can prevent security issues and optimize containerized applications.

On-Demand Webinar

Supercharging Kubernetes Labels And Metrics

Kubernetes environments are very dynamic. As a result, they can sometimes feel rather messy and disorganized. This is where labels come in. They can help you distinguish between non-infrastructure related characteristics. For example, “release” vs. “stable” or “production” vs. “dev”. However, labels also have a tendency to multiply to the point where the increased cardinality is difficult to store and query. This is especially true when using Prometheus to collect data about your environment and related services.

On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate Threat Detection Across Clouds and Containers

Staying on top of misconfigurations, suspicious activity and threats across multiple clouds is difficult. Amid all the alerts, which ones actually pose a threat? How can you quickly and efficiently investigate threats with the many siloed container and cloud tools? It’s time for a fresh approach to unify container and cloud security. Take advantage of an open-standards approach that is radically simple to run and scale.

On-Demand Webinar

Consistent Container Vulnerability Scanning with Red Hat & Sysdig

As modern app development moves at a fast pace and container/Kubernetes adoption has grown, security is topping the list of IT concerns. Image vulnerability scanning is a critical first line of defense for security with containers and Kubernetes. What’s challenging is being able to automate security scanning for images AND achieve consistent scan results to assess risk.

On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate your FedRAMP journey for container security with Anitian & Sysdig

Cloud applications are transforming how government organizations fulfill their missions and serve the public. As new technologies, such as cloud, containers and serverless, are being adopted, it’s critical to consider security and compliance requirements, like FedRAMP. However, the time and cost required to meet FedRAMP can be an inhibitor to market entry, especially in complex technological environments. Hear how Anitian, a leader in DevSecOps for government, and Sysdig, a leader in securing cloud-native apps in production, are helping businesses win contracts and enter new Federal markets. Together, they can reduce the time and cost required to meet FedRAMP requirements and dramatically accelerate time-to-revenue and FedRAMP compliance by up to 80%.

On-Demand Webinar

Container Security Best Practices on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

As containers and Kubernetes are adopted in production, security is a critical concern. DevOps teams need to go beyond image scanning, expanding into the areas of runtime security, network visibility and segmentation, incident response and compliance. These use cases become priorities as your Kubernetes security framework matures. Join Eric Carter from Sysdig and Tommy Falgout from Microsoft, as we share an overview of security on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), discuss approaches used by open source and commercial tools, and hear how Azure users are keeping their code and containers secure without impacting developer productivity.