On-Demand Webinar

Accelerate your FedRAMP journey for
container security with Anitian & Sysdig

Cloud applications are transforming how government organizations fulfill their missions and serve the public. As new technologies, such as cloud, containers and serverless, are being adopted, it’s critical to consider security and compliance requirements, like FedRAMP. However, the time and cost required to meet FedRAMP can be an inhibitor to market entry, especially in complex technological environments.

Hear how Anitian, a leader in DevSecOps for government, and Sysdig, a leader in securing cloud-native apps in production, are helping businesses win contracts and enter new Federal markets. Together, they can reduce the time and cost required to meet FedRAMP requirements and dramatically accelerate time-to-revenue and FedRAMP compliance by up to 80%.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The FedRAMP process and timelines
  • Ways to deliver cutting-edge Cloud/Container/K8s security for Federal use cases
  • How security & compliance automation saves time, cost, and resources
  • How to get FedRAMP audit-ready in 60 days to accelerate time-to-revenue
  • Tips and tricks to avoid common compliance pitfalls
  • Sysdig’s take on the future of container security and compliance


  • Emily Cummins, Director, Cloud Security, Anitian
  • Marina Segal, Director of Security Product Management, Sysdig