Live Webinar – SEP 27 11AM AEST | 2PM NZDT

Elevating Cloud Security with a Shift-Left and Shield-Right Strategy


In an era of rapid digital innovation, companies are increasingly harnessing the agility of cloud-based technologies to meet growing consumer demands. The surge towards cloud-native technologies brings unparalleled growth and fresh security challenges. The “shift-left” approach, embedding security early in development, marked an evolution in proactive defence. However, as our digital landscapes grow more intricate, shifting left alone falls short.

Join Ricky Burkhardt, Application Security Principal, as he shares his experience on why shift left is not enough. In this 30-minute session, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding threats targeting cloud-native architectures and how traditional “shift-left” methodologies might miss these nuances
  • The importance of continuous monitoring, anomaly detection, and rapid response mechanisms in a cloud-centric environment for ongoing security beyond the development stage
  • Holistic defence by integrating “shield right” for runtime, containers, and microservices security enhancement

This webinar is your opportunity to hear the distilled essence of the industry’s brightest minds. Level up your cybersecurity game and register today.

Ricky Burkhardt, Application Security Principal, Coles
Andrew Dean, Sr. Customer Solutions Architect, Sysdig