Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management

Gain visibility into cloud identities and their permissions to access resources using a CIEM tool like Sysdig Secure. Enforce least-privilege policies that grant just enough permissions. Simplify audit of access reviews to meet compliance requirements.

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Zero Trust Approach to Managing Cloud Permissions

CIEM Cloud Identity Entitlement Management

Gain visibility into excessive permissions and entitlements

Get a comprehensive view into access permissions across all AWS accounts, users, and services including serverless functions.

Enforce least privilege access

Enforce least privilege access in a few minutes

Eliminate excessive permissions by applying “just-enough” privileges.

Validate Compliance

Simplify audit of access controls to meet compliance

Meet specific IAM requirements for standards like PCI, SOC2, FedRamp, ISO-27001, etc.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management

Get instant visibility into excessive cloud permissions

Get an overview of risky cloud identities with excessive permissions. Discover all active and inactive users and exposed services in a single dashboard.

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