Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

In the Cloud, Every Second Counts

Environments have grown more complex and cloud attacks can happen in minutes. Eliminate the gaps in your cloud security and reduce costs with a single, consolidated cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP). Protect your cloud, containers, and workloads from source to run – powered by runtime insights. Secure Every Second.

How runtime insights drives shift left
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What Gartner Has to Say

Security leaders responsible for cloud security strategies should reduce complexity and improve the developer experience by choosing integrated CNAPP offerings that provide complete life cycle visibility and protection of cloud-native applications across development and staging and into runtime operation.

See All, Secure All

The fast pace of new deployments and the expanding attack surface of cloud-native application development is creating a growing challenge for security leaders. Legacy and siloed tools can’t cope with today’s cloud speed, complexity and evolving threat landscape, leaving critical gaps in visibility and opportunities for attacks. You need a consolidated approach: a single platform that secures your entire application lifecycle from development to runtime.

$4.45 million

Average cost of a data breach globally in 2023

Source: IBM, Cost of a Data Breach 2023

Harness the Power of Runtime Insights

As microservices built on containers and Kubernetes grow, application code is exploding – and likewise the volume of security alerts demanding your attention. Prioritizing the vulnerabilities exposed at runtime is key. Built on the solid foundation of open-source Falco, Sysdig provides the context you need to identify the most critical risks and take action fast.


“Favor CNAPP vendors that provide a variety of runtime visibility techniques, including traditional agents, Extended Berkeley Packet Filter support, snapshotting, privileged containers and Kubernetes integration to provide the most flexibility at deployment.”

Why Choose Sysdig?

Only Sysdig gives you real-time visibility for detection and response, unveils incidents from user to process, and provides the rich context you need to prioritize what matters.

Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Attacks

Runtime insights help you quickly and easily prioritize and mitigate risk, detect and respond to threats, and scale cybersecurity in the cloud.

Instantly Know Your Real Risks 

The Cloud Attack Graph helps security teams correlate, contextualize, and prioritize data from multiple sources to identify real risks in seconds.

Identify, Prioritize, and Remediate Misconfigurations

Seamlessly prioritize risks, enhance mitigation effectiveness, and bolster your enterprise security strategy and posture with the power of real-time context.


faster to stop attacks


time to detect


faster forensic cloud investigations


improvement in time to market

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