Google Cloud monitoring and security with Sysdig.

Unified monitoring, security, and forensics for containers on Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine.

Key Features

Accelerate time to production.

Get unmatched visibility combined with compliance and run-time security - all from a single agent per instance. Confidently bring new cloud-native applications into production faster.

Identify and resolve problems faster.

Alert on performance issues and unauthorized activity. Stop threats quickly. Use deep forensics and service-oriented views to help find and fix issues before they impact operations.

Increase operational efficiency.

Unify instrumentation across security and monitoring with a single storage point for all your data. Auto-discover your applications and metrics to radically improves your operational posture.

Service-level GKE container monitoring + troubleshooting.

With Sysdig monitoring you can collect, graph and alert on system and application specific metrics like connections, errors, response time, slow database queries, top URLs or custom Prometheus, statsd or JMX metrics. Aggregate by Kubernetes namespace, deployments or pods down to individual containers. Even monitor the state of your GKE cluster and apps with kube-state-metrics.

Sysdig Monitor Dashboard
Sysdig Monitor and Secure

GCP vulnerability management, run-time security + forensics.

Detect abnormal container and application behavior from the baseline, leveraging host, process, network and file system activity. Remediate potential threat, via container isolation, pausing or killing a suspicious container. Implement policies using Kubernetes metadata so rules are applied as your infrastructure changes.

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Archived Webinar

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Case Studies

Cota Healthcare: Monitoring and securing services on Google Cloud.

With its move to Kubernetes on Google Cloud, Cota Healthcare chose Sysdig to accelerate development, improve capacity planning, find and fix issues rapidly, and significantly increase its security posture.

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