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Red Hat and Sysdig partner to help enterprises accelerate the transition to cloud-native applications built on Red Hat OpenShift

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Sysdig wins Red Hat Rising Star Partner Of The Year award! Read the blog.

Unified security, compliance and monitoring for Red Hat OpenShift

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform enables the largest companies in the world to confidently run applications in containers on OpenShift in private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Built for OpenShift and Container Security

Rapidly changing cloud environments open the door to unexpected vulnerabilities and threats, and make compliance auditing a huge challenge. This can distract your DevOps team and slow you down. Sysdig makes your teams as productive as possible, automating and merging security, compliance and monitoring into your DevOps workflow.

Need to secure OpenShift end-to-end? Check out our guide:
Securing Cloud Applications on Red Hat OpenShift

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Cloud Scale Prometheus for Monitoring OpenShift

As you scale OpenShift across clusters and clouds, monitoring performance and health becomes challenging. Sysdig enables cloud-scale monitoring with full Prometheus compatibility to help you identify and resolve issues faster.

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Red Hat Certified Technology

Red Hat Certified

Sysdig is certified and available in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. DevOps, developers, and security teams can have the confidence of knowing Sysdig solutions are tested with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-grade Kubernetes container application platform.

Sysdig Operator

The Red Hat Certified Sysdig agent operator for OpenShift simplifies deployment and day-to-day operations. Find it on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog and

Key Features

Container-native monitoring.

Identify and resolve performance and security issues with a single, lightweight agent. Integrate with Kubernetes and Prometheus for complete visibility into your apps on OpenShift.

Vulnerability management.

Bring together image scanning, run-time protection, and deep forensics to identify and block threats, enforce compliance, and audit activity across your microservices.

Enterprise-class scalability.

Scale horizontally to manage 10s of millions of data points per second with cross-cluster aggregation to keep pace with large, complex OpenShift environments.

Customer spotlight: Ford Motor Company

Ford set out to improve delivery for its stateful applications and accelerate CI/CD development. They chose Red Hat and Sysdig to deliver a scalable multi-tenant solution that offers the critical security and compliance features the company needs.

Customer spotlight: ATPCO

Air travel data company, ATPCO, works with more than 430 airlines worldwide to supply fare data to all major airfare pricing engines. The company relies on Red Hat and Sysdig to manage, monitor and secure containers on OpenShift.

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Read about how Sysdig and Red Hat help customers effectively transition to cloud-native applications built on top of Red Hat OpenShift and deliver more reliable, more secure software.

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